No game guarantees you the first place. No online game will guarantee you the winner title. Even those who spend years practicing have a chance to lose. If we talk about blackjack – well, it is a great combination of skill and luck. But you should not think that there is nothing you can do to give yourself a possibility to win if you don’t consider yourself too lucky. We will share our top 5 advices with you. Those five will help you gain more money playing blackjack.

1: One of the most important aspects of the blackjack game is the game choice. Don’t get it twisted thinking that blackjack is a standard game. There are lots of variations of it. Players usually stick to their favorite game, the one that brings them more money. However we would not recommend playing one and same game all the time. Sometimes it makes perfect sense to try your luck with another type. It is also recommended to try different variants of the same game just to keep your interest alive.

2: If you are the type of player that needs a real casino instead an online one – you better secure yourself with a club card. Player’s club cards give you lots of privilege. These privileges could decrease your expenses in the casino, which is always favorable. What will a player’s club card do for you? It will grant you free meals and maybe a free room on some occasions. This is one way of making your game give you some benefits. Plus, on the unfortunate event that you lose your seed money, at least you get to eat and sleep for free! That’s a definite plus.

3: If the game doesn’t look too bright or if your position in the game requires you to come back another time – you should really stop at 17. But you should remember that this will only work in the case of no low cards appearing on the table yet. Which also means the next low card could be yours which you do not want. You should consider various combinations where you can re-split or double down your cards.

4: Don’t go crazy with bets. I know sometimes it seems like the one that bets more wins more but this theory could be false. People make big bets in order to impress others around; they want to make others bet much as well. If you plan to use some kind of Blackjack system, don’t make it your Bible. There is no one foolproof method for winning in Blackjack. If there was, then the person that created it would definitely not be selling it to you for a few dollars. Why would they do it?

5: The fifth advice would be not to believe those silly stories about counting cards in blackjack as it is never the case. If you are some kind of a math genius, you may try that one for a change but trust me; most of us won’t be able to count it up.

Another important note to consider would be not let anybody rush you or tell you how to play. As long as you know exactly what you are doing – you are safe. If you don’t trust yourself with cards and you know you can put too much at steak – don’t enter the casino. Please remember that games were made for people to entertain themselves. Nobody should get paranoid about them or stressed.

Know your budget when you play. Don’t ever let the casino control your life, you should control it. We wish you good luck with it and hope our advices helped you to know more about the blackjack game.

By Elizabeth Tudor
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