Gambling in one form or another has been here since the beginning of man, and the game of blackjack has been around for centuries. Always a popular game, blackjack has gained even more popularity with the use of the internet. When the game was first introduced to the internet, the technology was very basic, where the player always played against the computer and the cards were shuffled and dealt randomly after each hand. While this version of blackjack can be fun, it does lack some of the interaction and camaraderie that can exist while playing at an actual table with fellow blackjack players. It also requires some different strategy, since the cards are dealt so frequently. Counting cards would be virtually impossible, even if you were so inclined.

Today, improvements in technology have made available games with real dealers who deal real cards to real players. This brings a whole new element to the game of online blackjack, making it look and feel much like it does if you were sitting in a casino in Las Vegas. And it doesn

By Mary Penshot
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