I have always found bingo as silly game that old women play because they have nothing better to do before they go senile, however I was wrong.

Two years ago I was diagnosed as being seriously dyslexic, which I found a little annoying that when at school I was deemed to be either thick or lazy, and rather than finding out why I struggled they just threw me in the idiot classes. So finding out at this late stage that I was dyslexic and I had serious tracking and focusing problems, so maybe those A’s I got for science and Maths weren’t just the fluke my teachers made it out to be!

Anyway, the dyslexia specialist that diagnosed me, told me about my condition and what I would struggle with and how I can help myself with this. He told me about the software I could use to proof read my work and how using different coloured screens could help me focus on a page and then he told me about training my brain, I instantly thought of ‘Dr Kawashima’s Brain Training’ but the next thing he said shocked me.
BINGO, he told me that bingo was an effective way to stimulate the areas of my brain that struggled, such as the part that deals with short term memory. This all came as a shock to me as the annoying number game I had made assumptions about wasn’t what old people played before they came senile; it’s what they play to help prevent them becoming senile.

Therefore after days of contemplation I decided to brave online bingo for the first time, was an interesting experience and I could believe how hard I found it to keep track of the numbers being reeled out constantly. After I was done playing I was ten pounds up which was a nice surprise and had a bit of a headache.

By Bingo Bob
Well that was 2 years ago and I still do my weekly bingo exercises, I find it easier to focus and my short term memory has improved remarkable! If you’re dyslexic I highly recommend trying internet bingo or even just regular bingo hall bingo! It can’t hurt, plus you might win!