After being the Ten-time World Series of Poker (WSOP) bracelet winner, the Poker Legend Doyle Brunson seems to play worst poker of his career at WSOP 2010. Perhaps, it just a matter of time. After the long years of reigning in the online casinos and gambling industry and with the new standout poker players skills, perhaps it just time to give way with the new champions of young age of today’s poker aggressive players.

Uncover the Legend of Poker

American professional poker player, Doyle F. Brunson, played professionally for over 50 years. Poker history never miss this man as he recorded great titles in the Poker Hall of Fame.

His legend says it all. Brunson is the first poker player who became two-time World Series Poker main event champion to win consecutively. Throughout his poker career, he is the first player to earn $1 million in poker tournaments and has won ten World Series of Poker bracelets. During his reigning years, Brunson is also one of only four players to have won the Main Event at the World Series of Poker multiple times, which he did in 1976 and 1977; and also he is one of only two player who have won bracelets at the WSOP in four consecutive years. Another poker record when Brunson became the first of five players to win both the WSOP Main Event and a World Poker Tour title.

He appear to be the first who surprised the poker world with his outstanding skills. Well, no doubt about it, he’s great, he’s skilled, he’s a poker legend! Just what the Bluff Magazine figure it out, in January 2006, they voted Brunson the #1 most influential force in the world of poker. He’s not just influential but he definitely able to inspired young poker players to follow he’s steps towards poker victory.

The Poker God Father

“The God Father”, “Texas Dolly”, “Big Papa”; we are talking no other than but Doyle Brunson; age 77 (August 10, 1933) of Las Vegas, Nevada. In poker world, he is known from this nicknames; in real life, Brunson is a loving father and a man of Christianity.

Tough yet face with bravery. Sometimes life is like poker, its tough on the process yet you need to decide carefully how to win the game and wish yourself goodluck. Year after that Brunson wife, Louise, get pregnant; a tumor was discovered in Doyle’s neck. When it was operated on, the surgeon found that the cancer had spread and declared it incurable. Hoping that the operation would prolong his life; giving him a chance to see his baby. But after the operation, no trace of the cancer could be found and as the doctor said it; “It’s a miracle”.

Another tough times happened to him when his wife also discovered to have tumor; but lucky he is, when his wife went for surgery her tumor was also found to have disappeared. Hard, yes, but keep going on. In his years, Christianity became his way especially after his daughter Doyla died at age of 18, when she took too much potassium for a heart-valve condition.

Poker Storm

Through years, Brunson is the man of Poker but perhaps time speaks itself. New and young aggressive players join the table; do you think our Poker Legend would still step on top of the poker victory or should it be time for him to find his inheritor?

Months before, Brunson cites the fallout from dental surgery as the cause and may be sidelined until May 2010. But until the days of WSOP 2010, it seems that Doyle Brunson played worst of his poker career. “I played the worst poker of my life in the Omaha 8. I had a little interest in the event and played like a rank beginning. At least I got down to the final 30 players in 3 of the 5 tournaments, ” Doyle said. His enthusiasm seems to wiped out. Well, lets just wait for another poker tournament and let see if the Poker legend are really fading away or he’s about to make another Poker Record of his career.

By Yori
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