Do you count cards playing Blackjack? Most casinos will not allow card counter into their blackjack games and will generally ask card counters to leave if they are caught counting during a game. Since casinos are private property, they have full authority to ask players to leave and to not return if they are caught counting cards in blackjack. They you have no restriction to count cards playing online. Do you count cards playing online blackjack?

Most players don’t – simply it does not make sense to count cards since online casinos shuffle cards before any game. But should you count?

Before you decide to apply any card counting in blackjack, I recommend to understand how it works and how it fit to particular blackjack shoe on your table.

Most card counting systems start with a zero and fluctuate with every card that is dealt toward either positive or negative value depending on every card dealt not only to you, but every single card dealt to every player / hand and to the dealer.

With every counting system players are looking for a positive count, generally meaning that there have been more smaller cards played and the deck now has a higher percentage of larger cards. Why? Because when the deck has a high percentage of larger cards, the player has several different advantages:

-Dealer Will Bust More Often
-Player Will Be Dealt More Blackjacks
-Player Will Be Dealt Stronger and Higher Starting Hands

The higher the count the bigger the player bets, because player has a higher mathematical advantage. This is the basic, however, he card counting doesn’t stop here. Even when you are betting more and winning more, you still must focus and continue to count cards flawlessly. Once the high count starts to drop and gets either neutral or into the negative, you go back to betting smaller amounts because the casino now has the higher advantage.

There are several different card counting systems available. For beginning players it is recommended that you learn the most basic system first – the High-Low count. These systems of card counting are generally the easiest to learn. Make sure to practice this system thoroughly before moving on to the more complex systems. It can often take months, if not years, to learn how to master blackjack card counting.

The easiest and basic blackjack card counting strategy is simple. It’s not necessary to keep track of every individual card. Instead, a specific value is assigned to each card.

10,J,Q,K,A High Value Cards -1
2,3,4,5,6 Low Value Cards +1
7,8,9 Neutral Cards 0

The higher value cards are assigned a value of -1 because each time one of those cards is drawn from the deck it makes the deck less favorable to the player. Opposite, for every low value card dealt, the deck becomes more favorable because those cards are being removed. Having the low value cards removed increases the odds that your next card or set of cards will be 10’s or Ace’s.

When your count is negative, chances are your next card or cards won’t be face cards. The difficult part of counting cards is keeping a running total of your addition and subtraction throughout 6 or 8 deck shoe.

In online casinos counting does not make sense because cards are shuffled after every game. Why? It’s simple – if everybody apply card counting operators will always loose. That is why online blackjack is not a skills game, but luck-based only. is the game where you should count cards because cards are shuffled similar to real casino. For each table you can see when cards are shuffled, and, in addition, you will get a game message informing you about card shuffling. If you are blackjack pro, or just want to improve your skills, try our game and….. hopefully beat a house.

It’s not so difficult to beat a house in, but to win cash prize to need to beat the house better than other players. Here it comes to real skill-based gaming. And in Blackjack Unlimited we enjoy when you win, because we win when you enjoy!

Best of luck to all of you!

By Thomas Neanderthal
I am BDE at
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