Walker Poker wants you to play poker online for entertainment purpose. It has taken every step to offer you an exhilarated thrilling online poker journey. You can make money in various ways at Walker Poker. Walker Poker also expects you to reciprocate as per the poker etiquette.

You must be a legitimate online poker players which means you are an individual with age over 18 and from a country which does not prohibit online gambling. Walker Poker Software is also meant for individual users, not a group or company. Once registered, you can not transfer the registration to any other individual. The rules at Walker poker have been implemented to strengthen the security to offer its valid users a safe and secured online poker gaming environment.

Walker Poker trusts its users and identity. Walker Poker may demand your identity at any point of time, if the need arises and you are to prove the supporting documents when asked for. Several instances of frauds and camouflaging on the internet have forced Walker Poker to ensure your identity for the safety and security of the people concerned.

Walker Poker has been continuously updating its software for offering you an even better online poker experience. Under any circumstances, the users are not authorized to alter or decompile or reverse engineer on the software at their ends.

As online poker has got its own class and the online poker community has emerged to be the single largest poker community, Walker Poker strictly prohibits the usage of any offensive language.

Walker Poker may terminate the inactive accounts without assigning any reason whatsoever. Any account with no activity for 4 consecutive months are treated as inactive. Walker poker deducts money for each inactive month from the real money account holders. However the player can reactivate the account by applying his username and password.

Being one of the most authenticated online poker houses, Walker poker always emphasizes on genuine users, who wants to enjoy the exciting online poker games for entertainment purposes. Walker poker also ensures an excellent poker online ambiance for its users. All rules are made to offer a classic online poker experience to the genuine poker players.

By Yvette Gains
This article is written by Yvette Gains.