With so many millions coming to the online bingo games, along with those millions are many that are somewhat new to the bingo games. So we are here to share with everyone and teach you how to play all the different types of bingo games, because it really does not matter if you’re playing bingo online, internet bingo, or a live bingo game, it’s usually all the same types of bingo.

The first bingo game is called cover all. This is a very simple and online bingo game, because all you have to do is literally cover all the numbers on your bingo card and you win. So the idea is to completely fill your bingo card. This is usually the longest game because they have to call out so many numbers, though the odds are all the same so no real need to go out and purchase extra bingo cards. Though, you will need to note that in this game if someone has not hit bingo after the 41st ball is called the jackpot will be reduced.

Cross is the next game that is literally making a cross on the bingo card. So it’s all the numbers in the N column, and then the numbers going from B3, I3, the free space, G3, and O3. This forms a simple cross.

Diamond is another online bingo game where you have to literally make a diamond on your bingo card. This would end up being B3, I2, I4, N1, N5, G2, G4, and O3. While a shorter version of this game is just filling in four numbers being B3, N1, N5, O3. Typically these games are quick and since there are so few numbers called, it’s a good idea to try to get a few extra bingo cards for this type of bingo games.

Four Corners is another game that is literally just filling in the four corners on the bingo card. These spaces are B1, B5, O1, and O5, and usually this is a very fast online bingo game as well.

For regular online bingo the normal ways to win are to either get five numbers in a row either vertically, horizontally, or diagonally. Any of those three types, and you get them before anyone else, then you are the jackpot winner.

Last type of game that is played in online bingo is called the winner’s circle. This is all the numbers in columns B and O and the first and last of I, N and G.

This is the basic games that you will be seeing when playing any type of internet bingo, online bingo, or regular land bingo. The different types of bingo game keeps things interesting, unique and always keeping things challenging to win that jackpot. Though, you can also take in some different kinds of strategies with you into different type of online bingo games. Remember the most important thing to keep in mind when playing online bingo is to have lots of fun.

By Hunter Crowell
Hunter Crowell is a researcher, an avid Internet bingo player and the creator of the Play Internet Bingo, a web site setup to help Internet Bingo players learn about the game and the best places to play online. http://www.play-internet-bingo.com