Slot machines has fast become one of the more popular games at online casino. As the game has also proven to be very successful such that there are sites that were set up specifically for slots. As with that of traditional casinos, many of the sites offer a wide variety of slots games.

Some of these versions are taken from new games introduced in the land casinos, other casino games, meanwhile, are exclusive to the online casino, exploiting the advantages of the new medium into the game. There are also “hybrid” versions in which a tie in between the site and an affiliated land casino, which allows players more chances of winnings.

The number of different versions also continues to grow every week as online casinos try to find new ways of drawing people to the game. During the time that there are a lot of types of slot machines that are launched in some top online casinos might be somewhat captivating and these slots variations most of the time fall into several general game types. This variations is very useful in sorting out the casino games and makes it easier for the casino players to choose which slots to play.

Straight Slots

The most basic type of slot game is the straight slots. This is essentially the same one played on traditional casinos, where you try to the winning combinations for the jackpot. Since it is the most basic, straight slots is also the most distributed type in the online casinos’ list. Because of the simple game rules, this type of slots is also the one with the most variations available on the net.

Straight slots offer the lowest pay among the different types. It also has the highest possibility of winning. This makes it very popular to avid slots players and casual gamers alike.

In order to keep up casino players’ interest on the game of slots, however, newer subtypes were introduced that build on the features of the game. These subtypes were introduced before casinos were put up on online casino.

Single Line Slots

The single line slots is the most common of these subtypes. Essentially this is the basic slots form known to most players. Play here involves using only one line and often consists of only three reels, though five reeled slots are also quite common. The very first slot machine made is, in fact, the three reel slots. The straight slots machine is relatively easy to play and also has the highest chances of hitting the jackpot. Consequently, since it is easier to win, the payback is less than that of the other types.

Bonus Slots

Bonus slots offer more prize shots to the traditional slots games. Bonuses in this case come in a form of mini-game which is activated when the correct combination is rolled out. Bonuses offer additional incentives to players at practically no cost. Online casino implement the bonus games through the use of pop ups. Casinos widely vary in the mechanism that start the bonus game. Many casinos most commonly employ multiple symbol combinations to trigger the bonus round, which makes it easier for the player to hit it.

Some casino providers have taken the bonus game idea much further by adding more features. These are usually in the form of unique mini games that offer different gameplay from that of the main game. This gives players a wider variety of play to choose from and definitely adds to the enjoyment of the game.

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