The uncertainty of the numbers shown by the dice after its roll has made dice widely popular over the years among the gamblers and casino players. The history of gambling reveals that people always try to swing their luck by betting on the uncertain things. It can be heard that the people at one stage of civilization used to bet even on rain or thundershowers. However, dice has been used in astrology in many countries at one point of time and now it has become the heartthrob for the online casino players.

Perhaps hundreds of online casino games have been evolved depending upon the uncertain dice. You may be amazed to learn that one of the most elegant casino games, online backgammon, also uses dice to determine the movement of the Checkers. Any way, Planet 23 casino has kept enough provision for the dice games in the most respected online casino of the world.

Sic Bo is a rare online casino game that uses 3 dices. The new entrants in the regime of online casino games may be surprised to know that Sic Bo is originally a Chinese casino games. Planet 23 casino also offers online Craps, which is a pure dice based casino game. Again when it comes down to Chuck-a-Luck, you are to play with 3 dices.

If you look around, you will find hundreds such games, where dice determine your fate. The throw of the dice are controlled by the automated RNG at any modern online casino like Planet 23. In its manual counterpart, the people used to apply a lot of camouflaging techniques to turn the result in their favor. Even a slight tilt or nudge can create a difference in the outcome. It’s really good that the modern online casinos use automated Random Number Generating machines, which are proved to be unbiased.

Most of the dice games are quiet easy to play as the winning is primarily determined by the numbers on the face of the dice. The online casino players, who want to just enjoy their pastime, like dice games mostly. Turn to the leading online casino, Planet 23, where entertainment never ends.

By Tegan Dawn
This article is written by Tegan Dawn.