It’s possible that you go to online casinos a lot that you know everything that’s happening in the place. You might have tried every kind of game there and just when you think you’re ready to quit because there isn’t anything new on the docket, along comes the deal or no deal slot machine game. That’s right, it’s called deal or no deal, after the popular game show on TV. There are similar points between the slot machine game and the TV game but it’s more exciting when you play deal or no deal at the online casino

After you’ve gotten registered and put your £10 as deposit, you can start playing any of the games at You’ll have a little bit more money to go on as the deposit you made will be tripled. From your £10, you will have £30 to play deal or no deal or any of the game of slots or game of bingo at the site. Here’s how you play deal or no deal. You have a five reel slat machine with 20 pay lines for you to choose from. Brace yourself because everything in this game is fast paced. When everything moves quickly, the jackpot goes up quickly too. You can be the winning of a jackpot as large as £500,000.

So you choose the size of coin you want to play with. The bigger the coin size, the bigger the jackpot also gets. You choose if you want to bet one or bet max on the deal or no deal game. You choose one pay line from among 20 and match the symbols on the reels to win. Your goal is to get to any of the bonus games that the deal or no deal slot machine offers. There are actually three bonus games. You have the cash box bonus which goes like the game show on TV and you have bonus games referred to as the banker’s offer and the mystery bonus.

With the banker’s offer, the banker will be calling you about a deal after you spin. Deal or no deal goes with you choosing to take the offer the banker has for you or not to take it so you can stand to win a whole lot more. With the mystery bonus, you’re given the chance to find the mystery bonus among a number of boxes. Among all these bonus rounds, the best round to get at is the cash box bonus. While the prizes are big in every place you play deal or no deal, you’ll have a chance for an even bigger winning here.

And when you’re done with the deal or no deal slot machine game, you can try your luck at the other games like casino games, multiline slots, classic slots, bingo and so on. Pick for the top games and the new games at It’s where you’ll have a happy and thrilling experience playing at the tables for a large jackpot.

By Charlye Speillbound
Charlye Speillbound loves to play bingo online. She is also a big fan of the Deal or No Deal game.