Once you step on board you will begin to discover all that your ship has to offer. The options are endless? Given the size of many cruise ships and options offered on all the ships and in port, you’ll find it very hard to get bored or feel confined.

Today’s shipboard entertainment includes ice-skating musicals, laser sound and light shows, and orchestral performances backed by technologies on par with the best of Broadway and Las Vegas. On the newer Princess Cruise ships they even have movies under the stars. A gigantic movie screen on the pool deck shows the movie as you sip your cocktail while perched on a lounge chair.

Every ship has a Cruise Director whose job is to make sure each guest makes the most of the cruise. In fact, there are so many things to do that you will probably book a longer cruise next time.

Each day can be a different adventure aboard your floating resort. The “DAILY PROGRAME”, delivered to your stateroom the evening before, will offer something for everyone.

* discover the ship and its many different settings
* explore new ports of call
* relax in a lounge chair, soak up the sun and the fresh sea air
* try exercise classes
* take dance classes
* enter sports contests
* practice your basketball, golf and tennis shots
* swim or use the Jacuzzi
* stretch out in the sauna
* go to the movies
* attend a lecture
* attend a cooking class
* workout in the gym
* get a massage in the spa
* play bridge and/or backgammon
* take a chance at the casino
* try the alternative dining choices
* watch a Broadway show
* go for a jog
* attend a wine tasting
* tour the kitchen
* browse the duty-free shops
* read that book you’ve been putting off
* check your e-mail at the Internet Cafe
* go dancing under the stars
* listen to live entertainment in the lounge
* attend the Captain’s Cocktail Party
* go rock climbing
* play miniature golf
* sleep late
* stay up late
* play bingo
* see a magicians act
* enter a passenger talent contest
* disco
* party with your new friends
* take a nap on your balcony
* attend the sail away party as the ship leaves each port
* attend an art auction
* go ice skating
* shoot some hoops
* or do nothing at all

If you are cruising with kids, they will have activities of their own. Almost all of the major cruise lines have “youth counselors” for different age groups. Your child would be put in the appropriate age group and the counselor will keep them busy all day with age geared activities. If you want to go get them for lunch you can. If you want to see at dinner you can do that too. Each time your child goes to their special area on the ship, a parent must sign him/her in and out.

For some passengers, cruise ships have become floating art galleries. These days, nearly every cruise ship visiting the United States has art auctions so vacationers can take home something to hang on the wall. Hallways, lounges and dining and recreation rooms at sea contain an assortment of original paintings and prints. These artworks are the subject of free art walks and lectures that cruise lines arrange during the course of a voyage.

On many cruises the line will have a wine tasting or what they call food pairing. Wine tasting is self-explanatory. The food pairing is when the chief wine steward sets up several different kinds of wine and then has you taste different types of food with each bottle of wine. We did it on a Celebrity cruise and it was quite fascinating and enjoyable.

No, you do not have to participate in the activities onboard. You do what you want to. You can do everything or lie back and do nothing at all. That’s the beauty of cruising, it’s your choice.
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