One of the most exciting games for people to play at a casino is craps. Mostly because it’s such a busy game, there is always something going on. Even if you aren’t getting handed money from your winnings, the next moves have to be made so it ends up being a never ending cycle. Many times we hear people talk about wanting to learn how to play, but it just seems too complicated. So, we’re going to show you some of the tools that Poker Stars Direct has in their craps supplies.

19mm A Grade Serialized Set of Casino Dice-Red

The game can’t be played without dice, so it’s a great place to begin showing you what they offer in the crap supplies area. Red is the color almost every casino uses on a daily basis. Every time they are thrown, the numbers reflect something on the board where people either win or lose money. It’s just as simple as that, except understanding it all at once can be quite complicated. Anyway, you’ll enjoy these casino styled dice that also come in green, purple, and blue.

36 inch Rattan Craps Dice Stick

Not much to these as a player, except this is what the workers at the table use to push the dice your way. Depending on how long the table is that you have will decide on the length of stick that is purchased. For those with shorter arm lengths and longer or regulation tables, the forty-eight inch versions will prove to be better. However, with it being in between 35%-47% off the regular price, whatever choice you make will be a good one.

Six Foot Craps Table

No sense in purchasing the ten thousand dollar tables when you can get just as much benefit out of Poker Stars Direct and their craps supplies section like this six foot table. Plus, for the cost, it is better just to own it then trying to rent it from someone else. The patrons will enjoy every facet of a game brought home from the casino and sitting right in your house.

Hi-Grade Craps Felt Layout 36 X 72

Offering the best of the best, Poker Stars Direct can give you a product for the least amount of money and of the highest grade. The felt offered through their craps supplies also offers another style for the same exact discounted price. The Hi-grade version is a great way to figure out how the game works if you are a beginner, but are intrigued at the rate of speed craps is played.

Overall View

The only thing left anyone will need from the craps supplies on the Poker Stars Direct website is knowledge. There isn’t much more except for an ON/OFF puck and maybe some rubber bumpers to get the full effect of a craps table. However, any information that you want on how to play the game just go to their books or DVD area and pick the craps information you think will help you learn. Again, Poker Stars Direct offers extremely low prices so if you’re going to play the game, might as well do it for inexpensive costs.

By Brian Garvin And Jeff West
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