Time flies and photographs fade. There’s nothing left but memories of loved ones to cling to in one’s memory bank. Personalized gifts make the remembrance sweeter because there’s something to remind them of your thoughtfulness and your friendship.

It’s the Thought That Counts

When it comes to gift-giving, many people get stumped. With so many new and expensive gadgets out there, it is indeed a worrisome task to choose one without fearing a ho-hum reaction. Even kids can be so picky with the gifts they receive. At a time when budget might be tight, this is a problem. The best way out is thinking up personalized gifts for the people you’ve known for almost all your life.

People appreciate a thoughtful gift. Really, you don’t need to swipe your credit card for those gifts. Be creative and you’ll be rewarded with wide smiles and cheer. The recipient will know you’ve gone through the endeavor with enthusiasm with them in mind.

So when you’re stumped, remember those times you’ve spent with your parents, brothers and sisters, and friends. A personal note recalling an event that prompted you to give those personalized gifts will be fun as well. Whether you’re giving a new car or a bottle of wine, it’s the thought that counts.

What are Personalized Gifts?

Some people are mistaken to believe that gifts with special engravings are personalized gifts. To personalize a gift, you must choose something that the recipient would love to have. If your father is a collector of Zippo lighters, hunt for one rare item or a new addition to the Zippo line. A special engraving of his name and the date of the occasion makes the gift more special.

You wouldn’t be caught dead giving an AA survivor a hip flask. Instead, give him a book or a game of backgammon. Your sister or brother may be into sports and are avid fans of soccer. You can give them cameras or mugs featuring the logo of their favorite teams. Your mom may be a fan of rock stars circa 1960s, so a CD of her favorite band will do the trick.

For your best friend, you will be choosing between a rock concert ticket and a framed photograph of you together as kids. Expect rousing back slapping when the gift is opened. All these people will remember your gifts – not because of the price that went with it, but the pleasure it brought them.

Making Memories

Before wrapping those gifts, write those funny incidents. For dad, who is a collector of Zippo lighters, write about the time he proudly showed off his collection to a new neighbor, only to find out that you snuck three of his valuable pieces.

For your mom, remind her how she gushed over the replays of the Beatles and how you had to teach her to use the Internet so she could drool over her idols. Tease her about the times she repeatedly played George Harrison’s songs on the CD player that you’ve almost memorized his songs.

Those notes will add a special and warm touch to your personalized gifts. So don’t worry if you don’t have that much money – your personalized gifts will make memories to last a lifetime.

By Bradlley Mckoy
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