I once watched someone walk up to a table, play very little and walk away with a lot of winnings. Just how did this happen? I’ll tell you.

One thing that kills a lot of Craps players is they think they need to have action all over the table all the time. There’s nothing worse than having just a Pass Line wager and watching the shooter throw number after number. And that’s what makes players bet more after the fact.

But, what if you could have minimal action, minimal risk and some upside? That’s what this one roll Craps system is all about. It’s kind of funny, because the probability of you “being caught” is minimal and you don’t need many “hits” to get ahead even if you get caught.

The basis of the system revolves around the point numbers-4,5,6,8,9 and 10. Okay, refresher course time. Since where going to talk about the $10 wager level, let’s first go over what a $10 wager on each of these numbers pays out.

4 and 10: $10 pays $20 (If bought)
5 and 9: $10 pays $14
6 and 8: $12 pays $14 (You don’t place a $10 wager on these numbers)

Okay, let’s get rolling. Keeping with our $10 theme, you’re going to place $10 on each number-except the 6 and 8, which is $12 each. This is known as $64 across in Craps lingo. If you’re playing in the real world, you could just say “$64 across” and the dealer will set up the cheques as I’ve laid out.

Now, here’s the key. We don’t want to keep our bets out there. All you’re playing for is the very next roll. Once it happens, you take your wager down. If a 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 or 10 is rolled, you make money. If a 2,3, 11 or 12 is rolled, nothing happens. And if a 7 is rolled, you lose. Not bad odds really.

Technically, you could do this system at any time. Most people will do it after the point is established-so once per point. I recommend waiting 1-2 rolls after the point. I do this because I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen people throw a 7 one roll after the point was established.

Here’s something to ponder. When you get a “hit,” you win $14 – $20. You’re risking $64. As long as you get five hits per one lose-only a 7 kills you-then you make money! If you catch three 4’s and/or 10’s, you’re at $60 already.

The system can be a tad boring for the hardcore Craps player, but watching your chip rack fill up should help some.

By Will Win
Will Win is a professional gambler, ex casino dealer and author. For the best Online Casino Visit http://www.casino-magic.org