Are you a superstitious person? You know, the kind of person who won’t open an umbrella inside a house, won’t walk under a ladder and has to spin around three times when stepping over a crack in the pavement?

Here’s a list of some of the more common craps superstitions compiled by some of the great craps players. Incidentally, they believe in a lot of this nonsense too!

1. If the stickman changes, in the middle of a roll, a seven will follow.

2. If a cocktail waitress approaches the table, a seven will follow.

3. If the dice being thrown hits somebody’s money, a seven is likely.

4. If the dice being thrown hits the glass, a seven will appear.

5. If there’s too much chatter among the dealers, frequent sevens.

6. If the dice are thrown off the table, seven will be the next number up.

7. If new dice are requested, seven is likely to follow.

8. If someone yells out the number “7”, a seven will surely follow.

All of this may sound like a whole lot of nothing to you but sometimes you can be involved in an active game where the dice are passing a little too frequently. If you pay attention, you will discover that several of the superstitions are, in fact, occurring.

You’ll notice that the stickman changes a little too often, that instead of one cocktail waitress, the table now has two waitresses serving drinks and many other strange happenings that ultimately mean a seven is going to be thrown by the shooter.

Remember, you can always bring your bets down and wait until the next shooter. You can also turn your bets off, but if you do, don’t turn them back on, because if you do… a seven will follow!

By David Walker
David Walker runs online casinos UK and free bets websites. A free email course: “Seven Days to Better Betting” is available at both of these websites.