Craps How To Play is a question that bothers many casino game players who have never had the opportunity to experience this great table game. Although many may ask the question Craps How To Play, the truth of the matter is that craps is a game that requires very little skill. All you need is luck to be on your side, and you can be the one who walks away with the big prize money.

Craps How To Play – How To
Craps How To Play is very simple. The game is played by using two matching 6-sided dice. The shooter is the person who makes the first bet and rolls the dice. Once the shooter rolls the dice, they can instantly win if they rolls a 7 or an 11 (a natural), and they have a chance to win if they roll a 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10. However if on the first roll any one of the above numbers mentioned are produced, the shooter must roll the dice to match that number in order to win. If they manage to roll a 7 before matching the number, they lose or crap out. Another Craps How To Play rule is that the shooter will also crap out on the first roll if they produce the numbers 2, 3 or 12.

Craps How To Play – Basics
After you learn the basics of Craps How To Play, you can then begin to apply certain strategies to your game. For example a player can choose to make a pass bet, which is also known as betting the pass line with double odds. The pass line is a bet that is made before the come-out roll. By making this bet, a player is indicating that he or she is making a wager that the dice will win. The reason why a player would want to bet the pass line with double odds is because they would receive twice the amount of the original pass bet if they won.

Once you understand Craps How To Play you can then focus on using the strategies that will help make you a winner.

By James Ford
James is a memeber of Gamblerslab writers.