Whether you find your self crowded around a craps table in a Las Vegas casino, or playing in an online craps casino you’ve got a lot of betting options. Of all the craps advice you are likely to receive (superstitions excluded), none will be more conflicting than the advice you receive related to betting.

It’s not surprising that everyone has a different opinion about betting styles. There are about a dozen types of bets, and of all the possible bets there are thousands of bet combinations to play. When it comes down to it, you can’t beat the casino’s house edge completely with any bet so your best course of action is to simply decide which bets serve you, as a player, the best.

Really what you need to look at is your level of risk aversion, and your reasons for playing. To start with learn the house odds of each option at this guide to craps bets. Basically the higher the house edge, the worse your statistical odds of winning are. If you can accept risk, and you believe you get the most out of your game by winning big (and losing big too) you should play some of the proposition bets and see what you think. If however you prefer to play it safe and rely on the least amount of luck possible, you’ll want to stick with line bets (with included odds bets).

Now, no player is a machine, you’re playing to have fun. Because of this you’ll likely enjoy playing a variety of bets even if you have a ‘go-to- bet that you’re comfortable with. You should feel comfortable trying the bets with similar house edges to this ‘go-to’ bet, and occasionally you should go wild and play the opposite of what your used to just to keep things interesting. Remember, learning these bets now will save you a lot of confusion and embarrassment if you go into a game unprepared.

By Eric James
Eric James is a well known gambling coach who lives in Las Vegas. He has started to gather a small but devoted following online.