New online casinos such as Jackpots Heaven Casino have a hard time when trying to establish a presence for themselves. Existing online gaming giants make it extremely difficult for the new players in the field, such as Jackpots Heaven Casino, to make any headway against them. Licensed in Costa Rica, Jackpots Heaven Casino is great for beginning online gamers as it gives them the opportunity to practice some of the world’s most popular slot games. Some of these include Blackjack, Roulette, all types of Poker, Keno, and Baccarat. Online casinos are the best when they allow players to use their Moneybookers accounts to pay gambling fees, as Jackpots Heaven does, as then gamblers don’t need to share personal information.

Currently existing online gaming giants have cornered the market on online gaming in the past. When new players come into the mix, such as Jackpots Heaven Casino, it is often hard for them to break in to the field. Just because an online gaming company has been in business for a long time does not necessarily make them the best, however. Newer, smaller online casinos such as Jackpots Heaven often have newer, more innovative ideas, making gambling more exciting for the online gamer. Unfortunately, sometimes the newer online casinos do not have the revenue of the larger existing online gaming giants, and therefore find it difficult to compete on the same level.

Existing online casinos have been known to propagate bad press and sometimes false information about newer online gaming rivals such as Jackpots Heaven to try to turn potential gamers off of the newer, smaller casinos. The larger, existing online casinos possess both the networks and the income to be able to launch a negative public relations campaign against smaller, newer players in the online casino world. Larger online casinos that have been in existence for a while are also able to get themselves easily listed in online casino directories, thus increasing the traffic to their sites. These larger existing casinos can easily afford to spend much money on targeted marketing and website promotion campaigns. While this sort of competition may not seem fair, such tactics are used every day in the online gaming industry.

With over six billion dollars per year flowing into the online casino industry, the stakes are high. The best way for the average online gamer to discover which online casinos are truly the best is to try them out. Only by playing at online casinos such as Jackpots Heaven Casino can online gamblers find the games and online casinos that suit them best.

By Jennifer Williams