Poker can be easy or hard – it is really what you make it. There are a lot of general rules and guidance on how to win. Well, how to win is a little up in the air (it depends on who you ask), but how to not lose is pretty clear for everyone that knows is.

The simple fact is you can always avoid losing extremely easy just by not making really poor, yet common, poker mistakes. But first we have to know of them before we can prevent them, am I right?

Common Poker Mistakes – Worst Mistake #1

The worst mistake you can ever make playing Texas Hold Em Poker is to not understand pot odds. Even if you can’t calculate them at the speed of light yet you must know of them and understand them.

Pot odds can depict quite a lot of what you do. If you play super-smart and strict you can follow the pot odds path and always avoid making the wrong moves.

Common Poker Mistakes – Worst Mistake #2

Playing weak and/or marginal hands in early positions. Weak or marginal hands are poor hole card choices yet do have their place in poker play. You can make these work with craft betting and just a little bit of lucky.

But you are going to be hard up in early position. You just don’t have any information, any room to maneuver, and no idea of what the real pot odds will be.

Common Poker Mistakes – Worst Mistake #3

Underbetting the pot. This is a massive mistake to make. Why would you ever want to give you opponents a free shot at making a good hand?

You need to make your bets large enough to punish your opponents if they call. Hang on, you need pot odds to be able to do this properly. Do you now see why pot odds are so important?

Common Poker Mistakes – Worst Mistake #4

A mistake we all make sooner or later is continuing to play beyond the flop with nothing – nada – zilch – no good cards. I don’t know why you would do this because you chances of winning are slim to none.

If you have a reason for doing this, i.e. a semi-bluff, bluff, playing a draw etc then you pot odds will depict how you should be playing. If you truly have nothing fold your cards.

By now you are probably realizing the secret message in this article, which is that pot odds count! Most of the most common poker mistakes can be prevented with a good understanding of pot odds, and how to calculate them in seconds (and yes I mean seconds). If you need help learning this I suggest you go and find some help. I reveal how to do this both in my free ebook and on my website but taking action and reading it is up to you.

By Alex Poker
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