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Hello folks and welcome to this great article that is solely dedicated to revealing some of the most common Poker mistakes that players make.

It is my hope that this information will help anyone reading it to avoid these mistakes like the plague and better their skills at poker all together.

The First Of The Worst Common Poker Mistakes

The first common mistake that players make is to play weak hands while you are in early position.

When you play a weak hand in this position you are basically playing against yourself by increasing the odds of you losing the entire game.

Why would anyone want to do a dumb thing like that? Well the fact that most players have no clue that their doing this in the first place.

The Second Of The Worst Common Poker Mistakes

The second common mistake players make is getting too emotional while playing.

Let’s face it there are not many situations that turn out right when we let our emotions influence our decisions so why should poker be any different.

I am saying this: never play the game just to get revenge on another player as this action typically blinds you to the things you should be paying close attention to.

I recommend that you accept the fact that you have to lose sometimes and that you treat each game like it’s a whole new experience.

The Third Of The Worst Common Poker Mistakes

The next mistake is getting in over your head.

Many players just jump into a game that was too rich for their blood to begin with. There is nothing worse than sitting there watching your rent and car note just fly away knowing full well that you will have no way to recoup these funds.

The Fourth Of The Worst Common Poker Mistakes

The last mistake is playing blind or not knowing what the odds are. If you do not know how to figure out what the odds are then you might as well be playing Russian roulette.

There is nothing like a wounded lamb hobbling into an area that is flooded with hungry lions. If you can imagine what these lions will do to the lamb once they catch it then think of you being in the same boat as the lamb if you do not know how to accurately calculate your odds.

Now, I’m sure you are aware of how useful this information has been to you. But what point is learning all of the most common poker mistakes if you don’t know how to take action on them?

Well, that’s why I would suggest you continue now to learn even more about Texas Hold Em Poker. Because if you take action right now you will become a successful poker player.

By Alex Poker
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