Playing poker is hard work. There is so much to the game and it is very complex. However this is what makes the game fun. If you enjoy playing poker, then I know that you, like me, are always interested in finding out new ways of playing poker better. That’s why I know you will love this article.

Sometimes the best way to learn is to find out what not to do. Kind of like how to be health you first have to learn what foods are bad. That’s why I am going to outline the three worst common poker mistakes newer (and sometimes older) poker players often make. And these cost a lot of money and can really hurt your game.

The Most common Poker Mistakes That Do The Most Damage

Common Poker Mistake #1 – Playing Far Too Many Pots

It’s just a fact of life, and of poker, that you won’t get dealt good cards all the time. You simply have to wait patiently for the right cards in the right situation. Trying to force some results by playing less-than-optimal cards is poker suicide.

It’s easy to make this most common of mistakes because usually you just want to play some poker. You don’t want to wait around, you wanna be in the mix right now. Be wary of playing too many pots.

Common Poker Mistake #2 – Going To The Showdown With Only A Top Pair

This is probably the most common of all the common newbie poker mistakes. This one gets a lot of people. I think it’s because you see on the TV all these pro’s playing all these fancy cards and moves and players want to imitate them.

The thing is, under the cover these pro’s are working extremely hard to know the correct moves to do. Quite frankly, you and I aren’t. We aren’t even close to their level.

Playing the showdown with just a top pair might win once or twice, but you will soon lose. The average winning hand in a game of Texas Hold Em is two pair. Last time I checked two pair was better than one.

Common Poker Mistake #3 – Only Calling When You Have Something Good

You should be betting silly! Some players make this common poker mistakes because they don’t quite know they have something that’s good. They might not realise. If so, go out and learn what is good in what situations.

You want to get as many chips into the pot when you have a good hand. That’s a lesson in poker at the lowest level.

Now I know that as you are reading this you are becoming more aware of all the small mistakes you have made in the past and all the times that you made on of these very mistakes. I’m sure you are realizing that if you had of read this article sooner that probably wouldn’t have happened.

And as you experience a newfound sense of curiosity and excitement, and you think about all the money you can make in the future from the knowledge you can acquire, I want you to really concentrate on feeling like you want to get your hands on any information possible, and learn absolutely everything you can about poker. Because it is this feeling that turns average joes into poker grand-masters.

So the next time you have an opportunity to access some new information on poker, like poker tips or even outlines of other common poker mistakes, please act on that chance and take it, because that’s how you become a great poker player.

By Alex Poker
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