Having difficulty calculating pot odds and outs is one of the most common poker mistakes to have. The sheer fact is that all the mathematics and probability behind the cards is difficult. I have trouble calculating it even when I have the calculator, let alone in my head at a poker table.

What if I told you there was a secret way to practically immediately get your chance of winning, with no maths that a grade 3 child couldn’t do? Would you belive me? How much would this be worth to you. $10? $20? How much money would this save you in pure cash or tournament fees?

Well the good news is I’m going to give it all away to you, free of charge. The only reason is I want you to succeed at poker and love providing massive amounts of useful information in everything I do and write, like my free books and tips articles.

Face it, you should never be making the naughty newbie common poker mistakes. If you eradicate all your common poker mistakes your game will increase to amazing new levels and you will start making money. So please start working on this today.

Avoid The Most Common Poker Mistakes Now – Calculate Your Odds In A Jiffy

This secret is so powerful, yet so simple. After you read it you might be a little surprised at how simple and easy it was and you will surely realize how useful it is going to be to you. Don’t let me hold you up any longer – here it is right now.

When you have two hole cards and the flop drops, add up your outs (basic addition). Your outs are all the cards that you need to win.

For example, 9-8 unsuited. The flop comes K-9-4 rainbow. So you have a pair of 9’s.

Your outs here are: the other two 9’s (they will get you trips), the three 8’s (get you up to two-pair), and that’s it. So whats 2 + 3. Correct answer, 5.

So you have five outs. And the number 5.

Now here is the most difficult part of the whole thing.

Multiple this number by 4.

So 5 x 4 is… Correct, it’s 20.

Ta-da. You have a 20% chance of getting this hand by the showdown. (in truth it’s actually 21.4%, but it’s close enough)

Quite amazing right?

Now, I know that right now you are feeling you just got a tremendous amount of value. Don’t worry. Just take this amazing tip and use it every time a flop drops. You will instantly and easily have your odds of getting the other cards you need and you can play from these. Now, there is one more thing. I really want you to realize that there are so many more tips and tricks like these that will help you win Holdem so easily. All you have to do is find them. So I urge you to please keep looking to learn how to avoid more common poker mistakes.

By Alex Poker
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