When you play poker online, whether it is in free poker play format or in a play-for pay venue, there are some common mistakes that you should avoid in order to improve your poker play. Poker is a game that requires attention to detail. For that reason, it is important that the place where you play poker online is conducive to a healthy poker playing environment.

Based on my own personal experience, these are some ways to correct the most common poker mistakes when you play poker online, either on free poker play sites or on pay sites:

– Pick your Environment Carefully – Poker is a game that is cerebral in nature and, as such, requires an environment conducive for cerebral play. You should play in an area where you can have some privacy and can play without interruption so that you are able to concentrate on the game at hand. If the TV is blasting and the noise element is distracting, then you will not be able to concentrate to the fullest extent.

– Never Utilize the Auto-Game Play – When you use this feature, you will no longer be able to play at your own pace, which most certainly adds to the quality of your play. When you play poker online, be sure to play at the pace that you establish. Otherwise, you will be rushed and distracted, and prone to making big poker mistakes.

– Play Your Hunches – The trouble with too many poker players nowadays is that they rely on the mathematical odds of poker to a greater degree than they should. Don’t be afraid to play your hunches when you play poker online. You can hone your intuitive skills by participating in free poker play action.

– Stay within Your Budget – The greatest way to enjoy a game of poker is to pre-set a budget, and not to deviate from it under any circumstances. It takes practice, but if you are true to yourself, you will enjoy your poker experience to the fullest extent.

By Dyna
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