The appeal of blackjack lies in the fact that it can be both a game of chance and a game of skill. While you have no control over the cards you will receive (and since these random cards play a huge part in your game), blackjack is considered a game of luck. On the other hand, card counting is allowed in blackjack, and this is considered as a skill. Hence, there are number of strategies you use in order to win live blackjack online. Live blackjack online is just like the traditional blackjack anyway, except you are playing against a dealer you see only through the Internet camera.

First, you must learn the basics of card counting. Basically, the main principle here is gauging if the deck still has big cards after the deal, an assessment which will be important if you decide to draw a card again. A deck that still has a rich stock of big valued cards is favorable to you, while a deck with small decks isn’t. The actual card counting complex, to say the least, but this is the main gist of what you need to know. This works by knowing and memorizing the cards played and placed on the table, giving them corresponding values (a negative one point for high cards like Aces and 10s, and lower cards get a positive one point). If the total point in your computation is a positive, then the deck is still favorable on your side, while the opposite is true when the total sum is a negative.

Lastly, never play live blackjack online to win. Of course, when you play live blackjack online, you are aiming to win money. Otherwise, you are just mainly wasting money. But you should never continue playing live blackjack online just to win back everything you have previously lost. Many veteran players say this is not possible. This is why it is very important that players of live blackjack online set limits. You can either set a monetary limit, or set limit on how many times you can lose. Also, when you are winning, do not push your luck. It is best to set a limit to the number of times you win. For example, stop playing once you have won three times consecutively so you don’t lose whatever it is that you’ve won. Luckily, you will have to buy credits beforehand in order to play live blackjack online, so limiting yourself when it comes to the money you spend is easier.

Of course, these live blackjack online strategies are relatively. Some may work for you, while the others may not. After all, live blackjack online is partly–or mainly–a game of luck. Your skill in card counting can only take you so far. When you play live blackjack online, the most important thing to remember is to enjoy the game. The pot adds thrill to the game, but do not let becoming your only driving force–otherwise, you are bound to lose.

By Dan The Poker Man
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