Through the years, Colombo has fast developed into being one of the favourites places of local night time revellers. This city especially comes alive during the weekends and the holiday months.
There are a range of options to choose from to enjoy the nightlife in Colombo. Restaurants and hotels offering delectable cuisine have sprung up all across the city and food of all types from every country is available. If you’re feeling adventurous, a sampling of food from a wayside shop will certainly add to your Colombo experience.

Given the hospitable nature of its citizens, the advent of pubs has brought with it a unique blend of pub service. ‘In on the Green’ and ‘Cheers’ are two of the best known pubs which feature different daily activities such as quiz night as well as feature live music.
The nightclubs spread around town offer a wide range of music to suit different needs. Whereas clubs such as Rhythm & Blues and ‘The Hut’, featuring live bands are favourites with more mature audiences, clubs such as ‘Amuseum’, ‘Silk’ and ‘Glow’ feature a DJ playing a range of techno, retro and house music, which are favourites with the young.
If you’re interested in the gambling scene, then head over to the flashy neon light sporting clubs or casinos such as the Bellagio, MGM club, Star Dust Club and Bally’s Club. A choice of black jack, roulette, poker, baccarat and such are available. Some casinos however, are open only to foreigners.

There may still be others who wish to simply unwind and enjoy a drink or play a game of pool. Apart from the pubs which offer this opportunity, there are also pool parlours where you can book a table by the hour.

Colombo also features themed parties and special musical extravaganzas from time to time. Getting from place to place will be made easier with a top quality
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By Pushpitha Wijesinghe
Pushpitha Wijesinghe is an experienced independent freelance writer. He specializes in providing a wide variety of content and articles related to the travel hospitality industry.