Professor Stan Goldman, a recently retired college mathematics professor started playing slot machines at casinos in an effort to take his mind off of the family and professional pressures he faced. He felt the pressures were suffocating his natural curiosity and ability to always push the envelope in his research, teachings and raising his children.

Being a mathematical and statistical genius with a photo graphic memory, Professor Goldman became intrigued with the concept of slot machine wheel probabilities.

The mindless slot machine playing that was suppose to be therapeutic turned into an obsession with calculating the probabilities of matching wheel symbol finishes.

He was actually able to go home after an evening of playing the slots and re-create in his mind each and every bet and outcome.

After a few years of playing he calculated certain tendencies of slot machines that were the same with out regard to what machine or casino he played them at.

When he applied the tendencies, he started winning a lot of money playing slot machines and soon was noticed by the casinos he played at.

His problems started when the casinos first questioned him about his winnings. There have been many winning players using illegal tools and the casinos suspected this.

He agreed to a complete search of his clothes and body. The casinos found nothing, apologized and the professor went on his way.

He soon discovered that his woes were not over. On his next casino visit, a management employee followed Professor Goldman for his entire visit. When again winning and cashing out at the end of his visit, he was asked to be interviewed by casino management and was accused of cheating.

The casino could not prove it but they let the professor know he was not welcomed back. Professor Goldman knew he wasn’t cheating, he just knew, from his years of statistical calculations when to bet and not to bet. He knew how many bets to place on one machine before he moved to another.

Professor Goldman thought it was against his rights to be banned and visited the casino again. The casino had him arrested. This is just what the professor wanted because he thought how hypocritical of a casino to only want losers as guests and if you were a winner, they could ban you.

He got his day in court. If you can imagine the professor, 69 years old, hounds tooth sport coat with matching bow tie. Bushy side burns, eyebrows and hair, all strikingly white, kind of like Andy Rooney sitting in the witness chair being prodded, insulted and screamed at by a young District Attorney who thought for sure that the professor had to be cheating to win money and was bound to scare a confession out of him.

At every turn he bested the AD with technical straight forward answers and finally, exasperated the AD rested his case. The professor, representing himself talked directly to the jury.

Ladies and Gentlemen he said, I am extremely sorry for this court to have to waste your time over this very trivial matter which never should have come to this point. But you must understand, and I swear before you with my hand on this court’s bible, my casino winnings are not the result of using any illegal tool or computer as the AD is claiming. I was frisked on 3 different occasions at 2 different casinos. In fact, the last time, I left everything in the Casino Manager’s office except my clothes before I played their slot machines. And yes, I won money just wearing socks, pants and a shirt. I wasn’t allowed shoes, belt, wallet, watch or cell phone.

I use no tools or computer when betting. The only thing I do is take advantage of the Casino’s own winning percentages which are plainly published for all to see and used by the casinos to get even more guests to play.

It is against the law for them to ban me because I know how to win. Will the $2100.00 in winnings I average per visit going to put the casinos out of business? In my old age, I’m lucky to visit once or twice each month any more.

I ask you to decide not guilty to the charge of illegal betting in a regulated casino.

The jury came back in about 5 minutes with a not guilty verdict.

Professor Goldman was happy but knew he would win as winning money at a casino does not break any law. But he wasn’t happy with the casinos who harassed him for 3 years and started to formulate a plan to help others win money too. Since his calculations were too far advanced for the normal person, he developed an easy way to understand his concepts and hired a writer to write it in a conversational tone. Goldman knew if he wrote it, it would be 400 pages long and the only people who could understand it would be Harvard graduates.

Soon after his court case, he started selling this guide for $99.00. The casinos immediately tried to place restraining orders but Goldman fought every one. And after generating enough cash to pay for subsequent proceedings he knows will come, Professor Goldman has been giving away his guide that he calls “Slot Machine Sense” for free. He wants millions upon millions of people to have this information so they can immediately start winning money themselves.

By Vincent Licursi
Vincent Licursi is a close personnel friend of Professor Goldman and is helping him get the word out about his free book, “Slot Machine Sense”.

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