Class 1 Casino shows up on the internet shortly after Maxima Casino closes their door leaving affiliates unpaid and as well screwing players out of their winnings. This online casino is operated by the same crooks who ran Maxima Casino and they are up to their same old lies and tricks as when they operated the Maxima Casino.

Maxima Casino having disappeared off the internet in April, 2008 and then suddenly reappearing as Class 1 Casino is quite interesting. It was okay for these crooks to stiff players as well as affiliates and then they have the audacity to reappear as Class 1 Casino thinking people will not catch on to who they are.

Already players have problems with Class 1 Casino and they are using the same methods as when they were the Maxima Casino to screw players out of their winnings. What really is disappointing is that there are online gambling webmasters who choose to promote these crooks and it doesn’t seem to bother them that they are helping to rip off players by promoting them.

It was also quite interesting to read the Casinomeister’s forum in regards to Maxima Casino ripping off players when they shut down especially one player who was screwed out of 3000 Euro’s. As well there were players who mentioned on the Casinomeister’s forum that were able to sign into Class 1 Casino using the same user name and password that they had when it was Maxima Casino.

What I find that is really quite not funny is the name that they have chosen and that is calling themselves Class 1 Casino and trying to convince players that they are reputable. Well these crooks haven’t changed how they operate and they are using the same schemes as when they were Maxima Casino to screw over both players as well as affiliates.

As an online gambling webmaster myself, I just about made the mistake of becoming an affiliate with Maxima Casino though I did my research first about their online casino and I wasn’t too happy with the results I found. There is no way in this world that I will represent an online casino that not only rips off players but as well as affiliates also.

If players are unaware of who Class 1 Casino is, it would be advantageous for other online gambling webmasters who are concerned about their player base to know who these crooks really are. I would definitely recommend for other online gambling webmasters to post this article on their websites as to get the message out to who the crooks at Class 1 Casino really are.

Remember in the end that it is better to get rid of rogue online casinos like Class 1 Casino as they only damage and erode the credibility of online gambling.

By Barry Ohman
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