Starting out as an online poker player can be tough, especially if you’re not familiar with how things work in the online gambling world. It’s a jungle out there, and if you want to get a head start, make sure you pick the right place to play in. As a poker player myself, I learned that choosing the most suitable online poker room is one of the crucial factors in determining a player’s success or failure. Some players make the right choice from the start, blend in with the right crowd of players and quickly start building their bankroll. Others get stuck on poker sites with inadequate tools and chaotic players and quit soon after. Ultimately, it’s not all about big bonuses and shiny promotions. Here are a few aspects to look for when choosing an online poker room.

Make sure it’s legit

Before thinking about service quality, software, bonuses and whatnot, you should never deposit money on a site if you’re not sure that you’ll ever be able to withdraw it. There are scams all over the internet, and poker websites are no exception. Make sure the room is certified by associations like EGBA, ESSA, eCOGRA, Gamcare, etc. This way you can be sure it pays out and its software isn’t rigged.

Is it the right crowd?

There’s no point in joining a poker room if almost everybody there is better at poker than you. After all, it’s your money at stake. The best way to make sure you’ll make an honest buck out of poker is to check whether the poker room is part of a large poker network. The larger the network, the bigger the chances that you’ll find enough fish to help you with your bankroll. Look at what micro-stake games the room offers and how many players go for such games. The most famous poker websites are often a gathering point for most of the online pros, and you wouldn’t want to mess with them right from the start. Check gambling portals and see which poker rooms are suitable for your playing level.

What’s the software like?

The software is a crucial aspect of poker rooms, since it’s the environment you’ll show off your skills in. Make sure it’s flawless, fast and user-friendly. The amount of time they give you to think your next move is also something to consider before registering. Also, look for the gadgets they offer: it’s always useful to be able to make notes about certain players or to be told which combination you can form with the cards you’re dealt, for instance. Some gadgets will really come in handy, others are there just to impress: be objective!

Promotions, freerolls, bonuses

Bonuses make the world go round in the gambling sector, both online and offline. However impressive the amount poker rooms promise you is, check to see what the requirements are to actually have that bonus in your account. From my experience I can tell you that the biggest bonuses are the most difficult, if not impossible to get. So you shouldn’t base your decision on how large the bonus is. The best promotions are always the freeroll tournaments. See how often they take place and what prizes are offered. Plus, take a look at promotions like refer-a-friend, deposit bonuses, occasional events, etc.

These are the main things you should consider before registering on a poker room. Of course, these are not the only aspects that make a poker room suitable for you or not, but if you pay close attention to these aspects you’ll definitely get a head start. Most gamblers play on various poker rooms: they choose one for their freerolls, another for the fish playing there, and so on. But they all have a poker room as their “headquarters”. Look over each detail carefully before picking out your HQ.

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By Greg
Devoted to gambling since many years and contributor at BonusBonusBonus.