Is there really any difference between the different casino platforms available? It seems that they all live up to very high standards and deliver more or less the same. For a player that isn• t crazily picky about his online casino experience it might very well be a waste of time to check out the options but for the one that cares about more than the name of the online casino a little homework is well worth the while. There are indeed many great casino software producers with a few better known ones like Microgaming and Playtech.

What• s the difference?

There are a few things to be aware of when picking out a casino and the software provider that built it is an essential part of this information. Many times the very name of the creator of the platform will let the player know if a casino is the best casino for him to join. When it comes to American players they should consider that a Microgaming casino for US players might be easier to find than for an example a Playtech casino. This doesn• t mean that the actual gaming is better in one or the other but a US player that wants to deposit money should consider the Microgaming online casino. Another difference that could be of importance is what is being offered in one casino. The Playtech casino software is known to include a large amount of casino games and other gaming such as bingo and arcade games. While the Microgaming software enables all of the same great gaming a player might have to look in different places for the different areas of games.

How to Choose

If a player isn• t so particular about his gaming it really doesn• t matter that much which online casino he will choose, at least not if he picks from such reliable software producers as Microgaming and Playtech. Playing casino games online can be a lonely experience and some prefer this while others search out the internet options with the best interaction between casino and player. The Playtech casino software offers interesting solutions such as live dealer Blackjack and Microgaming casinos also come with chat functions where players can get to know each other. This could be a very wise choice especially for the player that would like some support from his fellow gamers in a nice and social way while playing. These are just some of the things a player should consider when looking for the best casino but they might very well be the most important ones.


There are many forums online where players give their opinions on online casinos. It cannot be denied that big software producers like Playtech and Microgaming gets a lot of attention and many players could be a bit unfair to other smaller alternatives. When you are reading a review online it is important to know who is behind it and why. This is not only in order to determine whether it is a review that is extremely subjective. A review written to promote Microgaming casinos is great for the player that wants to try the Microgaming software as it can come with some extra welcome bonus. The same goes for the reviews of Playtech games and other producers of online casino software.

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