Winning Every lotto game
China Lotto, Japan Lottery and other lotto games pay good money. The lottery fever is just about the same through all corners of the globe. The forecast between them is nearly the same. The difference is largely based on the odds. The calculations, however, are the same.
China Lotto Winning Strategies
China lotto has marvelous odds compared to a lot of lotto games out there. The odds of winning China lotto is 1:85, 900, 584. The most interesting part is the options available to you. You play by picking six numbers from 1 through 33 and the second number is picking one number between one and sixteen. That is very important to note. It is indeed one of the best lotto games around.
You are picking a total of seven numbers out of a total of thirty three numbers. There are several lotto games in other provinces that are equally good.
Hong Kong Lottery
Hong Kong lottery is called Mark Six Lotto. This is a 6/49 lotto with good payout too. You play that by picking six out of 49 numbers.
Shanghai lottery
Shanghai lottery is called Fencai. You have several options for lottery fans over there like so many other places. Some lotto games are slightly different from others. That difference is not just in the name but by the odd calculations which affects the numbers you are going to select.
Japan Lottery
Japan’s lottery is called, The jumbo Draw. The name alone is enough to tell you that the money is huge. The Draw Jumbo is like second to El Gordo in terms of the size of money payout. The fans from Japan and beyond enjoying the Lotto games.
Singapore Toto
Singapore Toto is popular lotto game. The Toto has very good odds of 1:8, 145, 060. There are different games for the fans who play the lotto, including the 4D. An example of numbers for the Singapore 4D based on manual calculations laid out here are.
Philippines Lottery
Philippines lottery offers several games, including Mega Lotto, Super lotto, lotto and Grand Lotto.
How to Win Every lotto
The interesting question among all the fans is how to win the top prize. One good way of working on the winning lotto numbers is by looking at the odds of the particular game and going in from the weakest point. The lowest approachable odd calculation in any lotto is by columns. You do your calculations based on columns. The odd on any one column is 1:100
Let us bring down the numbers above on the Singapore 4D for further explanation.
If your calculation is showing 08 followed by 29 the next potential winning number based on the above is 14. You will notice these numbers by looking at last two of each of the 4D numbers. If you have those given and the fourth number above is 76, which is high by most lotto games, what are you going to do with that number?
The answer will rely on two things. One is going with it if the lotto in question is up to 76. That is not common except in games like Keno. If the numbers are much lower like in the case of China lotto with top number 33, what are you going to do with it? What you will need to do is make adjustments based on the trend and map of the numbers. The adjustments will keep you within the limits of the very game you are playing.
The trend, for instance, could be 1, 2, 3, 4 and so forth. If the numbers change to 1, 2, 5 and so forth, you will need to make the necessary adjustments. You can map and make adjustments on any lotto number once you understand how to do it. Every lotto number has a trend. Trend does not lie. Trend is your friend. It does not matter whether you are trading the stock market, playing China Lotto, Singapore Toto, Philippines or Japan Lotto.
All you need to do is master how to map the numbers and do the necessary adjustments to consistently stay with the trend. Lottery Sun is here to help if need be because the lotto money is too much for you not to win some.
It’s a marathon, not a sprint.

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