On the planet, thought to be one of the most ancient surviving games, backgammon dates back thousands of years to the pioneer civilizations. In the same way, another board game, valued by millions of people worldwide, that has endured the test of time is chess. Both games are made to be uncomplicated, though the strategy to winning each game is very intricate. Even till nowadays, these two games are relished by many people and more often than not, each one is connected with the other, since many chess players know how to play backgammon and vice versa. Consequently, the recognition of the backgammon chess set has increased over the years.

Fundamentally, when we say chess backgammon sets, these are combination board games that partner backgammon and chess into one set. This kind of board game set enables one to play either one of two games though of course, one cannot play both concurrently. Also referred to as deluxe chess sets, these make the perfect game board for anybody who loves both games and these can be played in the house or outdoors. During outdoors, the use of a chess backgammon set that features magnetic pieces and board can be very helpful. This way, the pieces won’t quickly slip off or fall down the floor while one is playing in the car, the plane, or anywhere else.

For some, the backgammon pieces and chess pieces may come separately, with the board having chess and backgammon layouts on each side, so one can easily switch the board over for a particular game. For some less costly sets, the backgammon and chess pieces may be coupled, featuring symbols on top of each piece that would specify a specific chess piece. The basic rules and features of both games may even be broadened for some games. Games, such as Chess 4, feature an expanded chess game with four distinctive players and two times the size of the board and the number of pieces.

Naturally, we are not only constrained to backgammon chess sets, as there are other combinations offered in the wholesale and retail markets, such as the chess checkers set. These combo games may combine many famous board games into one, such as chess, checkers, backgammon, snakes and ladders, and the like.

Of course, a backgammon chess set is not only limited to live game play as these can also be seen in computer games. More often than not, a computer game may feature customizable themes and settings and they may even have more combos. Delighting in a chess battle online with close friends is also achievable today.

Backgammon and chess are unquestionably two of the most common board games available in our world today. With the value of portability however, many combo board games are obtainable and the backgammon chess set is one.

By Richie Chan
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