Las Vegas has a big name for what was once a small entertainment town for workers building the Hoover Dam, because of a few clever entrepreneurs it is now the biggest gambling havens in the world, with people coming in from all countries to try their luck on the gaming tables. If you’ve seen images of Las Vegas on the television or over the internet then you’ll be aware of the main boulevard, also called ‘The Strip’, this is where most of the action is and where people want to find hotels. There is something for everyone here, whether you want to try your luck on the gaming table, watch a spectacular show or even renew your vows in one of the hundreds of boutique chapels.
If you have decided to make the trip out there it will pay to do a little research on the possible accommodation available to you, in such a large tourist town you will easily be able to find some Las Vegas Hotel specials. Once you locate a possibility you’re advised to make an advanced booking, because it is a 24 hour city a lot of the hotels will have guests staying all year round. The larger more well known hotel/casino complexes are located along the main boulevard and will usually cost you an arm and leg to stay in them. Though, just off this main road there are many other streets that have hotels on them which are just as good and will provide you with the comforts that you require, plus the strip is only a few minutes walk away. Most of these places look like standard 2 – 3 star hotels with beautiful interiors, fully furnished rooms, in house casinos and swimming pools.

Finding a decently priced Las Vegas Nevada hotel that meets your holiday expectations and is near the hustle and bustle of the main strip; so we have made a list of 3 great hotels that fulfill those three criteria.

(a) Terribles Hotel and Casino – With the room price starting from a low of $29 per night there is nothing terrible about this place. In fact this is one of the best kept secrets in Las Vegas it is located just off the main boulevard, so you can simply walk a few feet and be right in the middle of the action. If you plan on flying in from else where, there is a complimentary bus shuttle service to bring you to and from the main hotel building. The interiors of each room have been lusciously designed with detailed fittings and each includes a 42-inch plasma TV for your viewing pleasure, there is also a Nintendo games selection to keep the kids happy while you enjoy some in hotel relaxation. As with the other 2 hotels, this is a split casino and has been fully fitted with gaming tables, slot machine and a sports betting facility.

(b) Las Vegas Club and Casino – This is another cheap hotel in Las Vegas that is both centrally located close to the main strip and has everything you’ll need to keep you happy during your stay. The rooms go from a low $28.93 per room and if you’re not able to get to sleep during the night there is a massive casino with hundreds of games and machines to keep you occupied. The Las Vega Club and Casino is actually located at the opening to the Fremont Street Experiment, so you will be able to walk down the exciting shopping walk way and take in the incredible animated ceiling made up of 2.1 million light bulbs.

(c) El Cortez Hotel and Casino – This cheap Las Vegas hotel sits right at the end of the well known Fremont Street, home to the Fremont experiment, which is a 5-block shopping walkway with an intensely lit animated ceiling. Rooms are priced from as low as $29.33, probably one of the best cheap hotels Las Vegas has to offer; especially since the interior is lush and the location is so central you can easily walk to and from the boulevard. If you plan on flying into the city the hotel is just 7 miles away, making it very accessible. As the name hints at, this is a hotel and casino combined into one, there is a huge gaming floor holding 1100 slot machines, 11 separate gaming tables, keno and a sport betting facility. To keep you energized there are a selection of international foods to fit all styles and tastes.

By Chris Frost
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