Slot machines are popular draws at online casinos. There are two main ways in which to categorize these machines according to the reels that comprise the slot machine. One type is a slot machine containing three reels, which is known more as the classic slot machine. Secondly, another type of slot machine is made up of five reels, which are typically video slot machines.

Historically, the first slot machines that moved into traditional brick and mortar casinos consisted of three reels. For a long time, this was the only type of slot machine used. For some players, this is the type they prefer. The five reel slot machines developed later when new computerized technology was meshed with slot machines.

There are some benefits to the five reel slot machines. With the addition of the two extra wheels, the number of combinations would increase as well. With more combinations possible on the slot machine, other aspects of the game increase as well. There are more possible paylines which can lead to potentially greater payouts. The five reel slot machines can also be created to provide smaller but more frequent payouts. Adding the two extra reels to the slot machines, also gave designers greater flexibility to create unique games. Previously, more of the three reels slots were fairly similar. There have been some other benefits by increasing the reels from three to five. The greater combinations that occur with the five reel machine also make it easier for designers to add bonus rounds. Many slot machine players today enjoy this added bit of fun when playing slot machines. In fact, some people prefer to play machines that have the potential for going to a bonus round.

As technology continues to see great improvements, these are sure to find their way to slot machine technology. Presently, slot machine designers strive to make the slot machine experience appeal to the player’s senses. They are working on improving video slot machine graphics. Additionally, improvements in the audio features of the slot machine are being made. Changes are also being made to the wild symbols. These now feature symbols that go along with the theme of the machine.

By Hollie Wilcox
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