These days, if we are to observe various celebrity they are not actually living only in one field. For it is said that in these world by now living in this place and being known for one thing is not quite good enough anymore. In entertainment and show business field, it seems so hard for an individual to just stick to one profession that bring them into fame. Thus, they are likely to engage in various fields that they think make them stay on the entertainment field or even put them into the top. Today, we have basketball players rapping, actors turns to singing, singers acting, models to acting and many more. Having these said is not actually a bad thing for them but a good points for they make use of their talents and expand it in different field. And today, as Hollywood actors and actresses has been extending their talents into various field, they have also find to try their luck of hand at the Poker Table. While many have make an effort, only few who actually succeeded.


Paris Hilton has become one of the familiar Hollywood sexy actress these years. For it simply because of her dazzling sexy body and her beautiful look that’s willing to take everything that Hollywood has to offer. This makes her as one of the talented and flexible young lady the recent years. And from a celebrity actress she turns her world into playing poker.

Poker is one of the favorite game of many celebrity since it become popular and one of the avid fan of this game is Paris. She starts playing poker since then and visiting casinos regularly and often seen playing at high stakes tables. She already played at the 1st Annual Jet Celebrity Poker Tournament at the Mirage Hotel in Las Vegas last January, 2006. Though she haven’t won the tournament, its her play which made an impression. Recently, the young socialite had lost $178,000 Bentley in Vegas. Party Poker had give chance Paris loved in the game to capitalize and and offered her to have her car replaced back once played with poker professional Mike Sexton on their network. Paris national release Appearance: “The House of Wax” and “Pledge This”. As poker be one of the favorite game of celebrities, it is Paris who reigns on the table.


Ben Affleck formerly known for his roles in various movies namely: “Good Will Hunting”, “Dogma” and “Pearl Harbor”. With these movies succeeds, Affleck becomes one of the well known man in filming. His success in filming has also added his success in Poker table defining as one of the celebrity playing poker. Affleck first scene in Poker was in the summer of 2004. Where he won the 2004 Commerce Casino’s California Stake Poker Championship and netted $356,400. He knocked out Stan Goldstein at the Poker Table. Ben Affleck hasn’t won any major tournaments but as like Paris he plays in bigger stakes. He plays at World Series of Poker for four years and haven’t place any position in the tournament. Maybe this years tournament, it is Ben Affleck who will make some noise in the event and will surprise other players with his tricks and strategies.


Jennifer Tilly is one of the best poker player from this period in time. To anyone who have yet known Jennifer, she is the only girlfriend of poker pro Phil “The Unabomber” Laak. The young lady has never expected to do better in major tournaments like her boyfriend. She won a WSOP bracelet in one of the event. In entertainment industry, Tilly was one of the used voice in the Disney movie “Monster, Inc.”.

Her throne in WSOP has started when she defeated the best female players in the world in WSOP $1,000 buy-in-ladies only limit hold’em event. After four months, she won in another event namely the WPT Ladies Night of Poker. With the event she walked away with $25, 000 in her pocket proving that she was the real deal. Moreover, Tilly proved to everyone that not only man can win in poker. She defeated the former WSOP champion Greg Raymer, Antonio Esfandiari and Chris “Jesus” Ferguson. And took the first place in Poker Superstars Invitational. These may set that woman can also beat man!

By yori misori
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