The animal world has offered quite a lot of plenty of themes for a few among the most distinctive video slot machines that you may see. There are numerous creatures in the world today we find cute, cats and kittens for example, or perhaps highly amusing – like penguins. There are wildlife which have inspired video slot machines simply because they are associated with specific traits – owls as an example, are invariably wise – specifically if you have ever discovered a slot machine known as Super Hoot Loot!

A simple yet perfect kitten themed slot machine game is Kitty Glitter – it’s rather simple in a few ways, but it is still a massively loved slot where kittens and cats are the stars. Matching up several cats and kittens, from Manx to furballs of strange parentage just might help you win big Penguins, as we also hinted, have prompted some great slot machines – our own individual number 1 is actually Penguin Power, which includes slipping penguins as its major feature, a thing that no person could not like.

It is a wonder at this time there aren’t quite so many jungle themed slot machine games as you may assume. Tiger’s eye is a recently available launch inspired by jungle living, but it’s more into free spins as opposed to extra video games, which will really help make animal based slot machine games exciting to play.

A fresh slot that truly does ramp up the loveable animal aspect is known as “Cute and Fluffy”. To be truthful it’s pretty hard to stomach, featuring photographs of puppies and cats as well as balls of string. At times a little pulling back from the very edge is a good thing to do. An obviously better and even more entertaining slot machine is called Gold Medal Mania, in which you have wildlife competing in Olympic type sports.

But no matter what your current favourite species happens to be, they will always be spotted some time placed on the reels of video slots.

By Jan Hernych
Jan Hernych is a poker player, writer and gambler