When the online casinos were newly launched, the games were just different from those at the land based casinos. But today the games at online casinos are similar to the games of off line casinos. However, there are still some other differences between them and we will find that in this article.

Difference between slots at an online casino and offline casino –

At an online casino, the slot machines are identical to those at the land based casinos. The main reason is that all the slots at offline casinos now have a chip that is responsible for the outcome of the spin.

The online slots look identical to the offline ones, but there are few differences. With an online slot, one plays by using virtual coins and not real one, of course the virtual coins are of the same value as the real coins are. And another difference is that one can play at his desired time from the comfort of his own home with an online slot which is not possible with an offline slot.

The Pay-Out Percentages –

This is true that the cost of operating an online casino is much lower when compared to a land-based casino. The online casinos offer higher pay outs than the land-based casinos.

Moreover one does not need to pay huge hotel bills or travel costs if online gambling is compared with gambling on a vacation – it just saves your time and extra money.

Bonuses and Slot Comps –

Now here is the real difference – free drinks and meals are offered at the land-based casinos, but an online casino does not offer you a free drink or meal, but instead of this it offers free money & some comp programs for the loyal players.

Mostly online casinos offer a comp program which works like more a player plays, the more points he gets. The points can be redeemed for the casino credits. Some online casinos also offer merchandises against the points.

The Progressive Jackpots –

When it comes to million-dollar jackpots at the land based casinos, an online casino is not even yet close to that. The current record for online casino jackpot is just $1,500,000 (that was hit on a slot called ‘Major Millions’).

The online jackpots that range from $5000 – $100,000 are won regularly. And mostly the progressive slots link between several other online casinos. This way the jackpot grows quickly – that’s why it is called progressive.

Another difference is that the prize of all the progressive jackpots is paid in one single installment. This means if someone wins an amount of $1,000,000, then he will receive a single check of one million. On the other side, at a land-based casino the jackpot prizes are paid over time in installments.

Well, these differences between an online casino and a land-based casino will remain forever and that is for sure. But when it comes to the fun, excitement and thrill, ask anyone who uses online casino and they will tell you that it is never the less from a land based casino. And once you try an online casino, chances are that you will never move towards a land based casino.


By Adam Parry
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