Ever since the casino’s slot machines started to populate the casinos in 1970’s, they definitely have been a huge hit. Furthermore, they have also withstood the difficult test of time for all casino based games today. Most people enjoy sitting down in front of slot machines hoping to hit a huge jackpot and even casinos love them because they surely are the makers of huge money in the gambling industry. Yet, you can be sure of one thing when playing with slot machines and that is they are an activity of pure solitude. People play slot machines by themselves because they are always just competing against the slot machine itself. However, with the technology evolving very fast, this concept of slot machines could change really soon. As a matter of fact, this concept could change forever the way of playing of slot games.
One of the latest concepts of playing slot machines is the competition of multiple players for a single prize. This means that a number of people will be sitting down in front of the same slot sections and play their machine to beat out other players for the top prize. The scoring way can be different based on the company that will design the slot machine. For example, there is one company that have designed a slot game where the players compete against each other by racing to climb the top of the Empire State building through getting the King Kong. The first one who can reach the top will win the top prize. Some other ideas for slot machine’s competitive concept are now currently in the process of development.
Another concept is the community jackpots. You can actually say that slot machines are really community based since all who are playing are contributing to the top prize. However, these progressive slot machines’ winners are too few and far in between to consider this a true community slot game. This is why, some of the companies today thought of developing a true community slot game that involve multiple players competing simultaneously for a shared prize. This works on several machines that are linked together and certain lucky players at random times can get the chance of competing for a shared jackpot prize. The player who bets the most per spin and wins at the highest rate will be the lucky one who can take home the largest amount of share in the jackpot.
Most of the casinos today are currently experimenting with these concepts in slot machines. So far, they have been given pretty good results since more and more people are trying to play this latest slots technology. However, it is sure that it will take some time for people to bet the same amount of money they are normally betting into the existing slots. Yet, you can be sure that slot machines will take great advances in the near future and there will be plenty of players in slot machines who will be willing to try out these new slot game concepts too.

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