If you haven’t heard of a casino web cam, you are missing out on one of the best entertainment options that you unknowingly have easy access to. A webcam casino, also known as live online casino, is the offspring of the traditional online casinos. The main difference is that the traditional online casinos simply offer electronic and computer-generated versions of the famous casino games, while live online casinos offer an online version of the games in such a way that the actual games are still played, intead of a make-believe electronic version. The Live Gaming concept was introduced by PlayTech.

A casino web cam can be played over the Internet, simply by downloading the casino software from the online casinos that offer the live dealer feature. The web cam technology enables live video streaming of actual casino games such as blackjack, baccarat, or roulette, and then sends off the video feed to the player’s camera. This enables the player to see the live action going on in the game that he is playing, instead of just playing with an imaginary dealer. With the live dealer feature, as already implied by the term, the player gets to play vis-à-vis the dealer.

There are now so many live online casinos on the web, but the games that they offer are mostly the same For sure, blackjack, baccarat, and roulette are offered. However, some casinos also offer the Hold ‘Em and the Sic Bo games in live dealer mode. To stand out from their competitors, most online casinos now offer promotions and bonuses, which spell the difference between them and all the other online casinos. However, the line that separates the traditional online casinos and live online casinos is very clear.

The live online casinos also usually offer different variations of blackjack and roulette. Some live online casinos offer both European and American roulette. A new feature was also recently added to the basic blackjack game. The different live online casinos also try to provide unique offerings to potential customers to lure in more players. Competition in the live dealer industry is now becoming stronger and stiffer than ever. Thus, live online casinos are finding new ways to make sure that they get the players. They offer high-quality videos with various backdrops and professional dealers.

If you are a beginner in the industry, you will most likely find it hard to choose from among all the available live online casinos. If you want to try out the best in the list, go for any of the following casino web cams. DublinBet is a classic casino that offers the best live dealer games, with scheduled Texas Hold ‘Em live games, professional and decent dealers, as well as free playing time for the live online games. If you are willing to play for real money, you’ve got more options. You can just go to VegasRed casino, CasinoTropez, and EuropaCasino.These are the top live online casinos that offer an impressive display and presentation of the live dealer games.

By Dan Roberts II
Dan writes original informative articles about many of the live online casinos that are now available in the UK. You can find live roulette bonuses as well as play live dealer baccarat games.