Ian Fleming’s first James Bond book was Casino Royale, and in it not only did he introduce us to his world of spycraft and high living, but also the very first Bond girl, Vesper Lynd. Bond has been sent on assignment to Royale-les-Eaux in Northern France, where his mission is to simply bankrupt a Russian backed trade union leader named Le Chiffre by beating him in the Casino; the game is baccarat, and the stakes are high.

Vesper is introduced to Bond by his contact in France, Rene Mathis, although Bond thinks she’s been sent “to do a man’s job” and resents her being there. However, he also finds something enigmatic about her too and despite not wanting to work with her, he does start to make plans for once the job is finished, despite the fact she seems cold toward him.

However, the mission doesn’t quite go as planned and ends up with Bond being strapped to a chair and his genitals whipped with a carpet beater. After some time in a French hospital he makes a recovery and while recuperating on the coast he seduces her.

Although many elements of the novel were retained for the movie in 2006 starring Daniel Craig as 007, the relationship between the two was slightly different; rather than acting coldly toward Bond, Vesper was rather aggressive instead. However, the part was excellently played by Eva Green, in one of the best Bond girl roles in the entire series.

And while the book Bond finds that Vesper has had an affair with a Polish pilot who was being imprisoned by the Russians, in the movie it turns the story into an affair with an Algerian; she always wears an Algerian love knot necklace given to her by him until towards the end of the film.

One of the big hits from the movie was the necklace worn by Bond Girl Vesper Lynd, played in the movie by Eva Green. The necklace was an Algerian love knot designed by Sophie Harley for the movie, supposedly given to the character by her Algerian lover before she succumbs to the charms of James Bond.

The Algerian love knot necklace is undoubtedly a lovely item of jewelry, and while it can be made for you on commission, the cost is prohibitively expensive. The price is currently £1,400 – some $2,800 at today’s exchange rate – which puts it out of reach of most people, but luckily Emitations was motivated to design an Algerian love knot inspired by the Sophie Harley design.

The Emitations Algerian love knot necklace is made from sterling silver and consists of four interlinked bands that have been elaborately decorated and presented on a triple chain. It makes a classy addition for day or night and would be the pride of place in any would be Bond girl’s jewelry box.

The necklace has proved so successful that Emitations has recently added matching Algerian love knot earrings and feedback from customers is uniformly high, praising its construction, finish and value for money, many claiming that the photographs do not do justice to the piece.

The Algerian love knot necklace makes an ideal present for the girlfriend or wife of a James Bond fan and although Emitations is based in the United States, they ship their products worldwide for a flat fee of $25.

By Lance Lycett
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