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In ancient cultures people used marked bones and other tools in gambling, and after they put a bet on an event they prayed, expecting the gods to be in their favor, to hear their prayers. Later on came coins, wheels, dice, and after the discovery of paper cards.

We gamble with our emotional life, our luck, our everyday living our work. We are curious; we are searching for new experiences, mysteries and surprises. Maybe because of our curiosity we try out new things, new ways of entertainment and love online gambling. Since the internet because so popular and become the main definitive element of the modern culture casino have spread all over the world. Gambling is not the product of the 21st century.

Ancient cultures were also gambling, of course in different ways, but with the same purpose: mystery, random outcome of the events and the joy of winning. It is enough to mention the gladiator fights in the ancient Rome or the Olympics in ancient Greece; all of these events were tools for gambling and entertainment. In those times people were praying for the gods to help them win and so are we doing nowadays too; of course now we have the odds and knowledge, we know the games and if not, we learn them. Just as in old times, today we also love gambling, betting and meeting challenges and we can find all this .

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By Stella Winslet