Sunglasses. Cool sounding names. Gutsy all-in bets and more. If you watch poker on television, you will see all this. Almost everyone who enjoys the game envisions themselves playing in the World Series of Poker and TV pros and making a fortune.
There is no shortage of poker rooms and online poker rooms where people can do this. But the reality is there are far more good players out there than ever before, and becoming a champion at Texas Hold ‘Em is difficult.

So scratch the sunglasses and the cool sounding names, and you get casino hold ’em, which is an interesting game played in many live casinos and many online casinos as well, especially a play tech online casino.

Casino hold ’em is much like the other casino -poker- games; while it loosely follows the rules of a poker game, it essentially comes down to the player vs. the house dealer as opposed to true poker, where the player is going against other players. This is certainly the case in a play tech online casino.

Here is how casino hold ’em works:

1) Players must put in an ante wager.
2) As in real hold ’em, two cards are dealt face down to the player and dealer. The player may look at his or her cards. The dealer then deals three community cards, same as a flop in hold ’em.
3) Players then decide to fold or call. If a player folds, he or she forfeits the ante. Calling is worth twice the ante bet.
4) Cards are exposed, and the winning hand is revealed based on the highest ranking poker hand.
In a play tech online casino game, players are paid off based on their hand combined with the middle hand. If a player has a better hand than the dealer, the payoff is based on the quality of the hand. A dealer must have a pair of 4s to have a qualifying hand. If the dealer has 4s and the better hand, the player loses everything.

There are variations of the game played in U.S. casinos where a player raises before the flop and after for another round of play. There are also bonus plays available for your original two cards being a certain pair.

Unlike real life hold ’em, the strategy to this game is pretty simple. You should double your ante with a call roughly 75 percent of the time and try to beat the dealer heads-up.

This is a fun game, in a live setting or in a play tech online setting. However, do not confuse it with real Texas Hold ‘Em. This is a casino card game that simulates a real game. The house has an edge in the casino game. A player can enjoy the game, but do not try to apply the strategies of a real poker game. Simply enjoy it for what it is – a fun game where you can enjoy the taste of Texas Hold ‘Em; without the sunglasses.

By Riza
good person