You’re in the casino, lights are flashing, electronic machines are chiming, you have a pocketful of money, and your heart races as the excitement builds. You see the craps tables in the distance. Your pace quickens. The three people at one table are quiet; not much action. The 15 people at the other table are cheering, laughing, clapping, high-fiving, and hugging each other. You think, “Wow, that table must be hot.”

There’s one open spot at the end by the fat guy. You think, “I don’t know if I can squeeze into that spot. I’ll wait for another one.” Before you finish your thought, someone dashes into that last open position, squeezing in sideways between the fat guy and the drunk with a cigarette hanging off his lip. You think, “Oh, man, that guy took my spot. That’s okay, I’ll get the next one.”

You stand in the background, jockeying for position to see the action. You count the number of players on each side of the table, confirming that no more players can squeeze in. The shooter is on fire. She rolls number after number. A drunk yells, “Winner, winner, chicken dinner!” The gorgeous woman on the other side of the drunk is thrilled and hugging everyone at that end of the table. The players’ chip racks are filling up with red, green, and black chips. You wait. You watch. No one leaves. You continue watching. Everyone wins gobs of money. Except you.

What just happened here? Fear. You’re new to the game; you’re not sure of what to do; you let fear take control. Not enough room by the fat guy was just an excuse for not taking the only open position at a hot table. The result–you lost out on winning tons of money.

It’s natural, it happens to everyone. If you’ve never played craps, you’ll probably be scared crapless (pun intended) of walking up to the table, plopping down your money, and making that first bet. It feels worse if you have to do it alone without someone to guide you or give you confidence.

Accept it. You’ll be nervous the first time. But don’t let it keep you from playing. After about 10 minutes, your fear will be gone and you’ll laugh and holler with everyone else. Just take a deep breath, walk up to the table, and get over your fear.

By William Enslen Jr
W. Enslen is an engineer who routinely works with statistics. Having played and analyzed casino craps for 30 years, he now offers his winning secrets that you can sample for free. Visit his new site for a free comprehensive craps how-to on all aspects of the game. Learn the truth about craps strategy without all the bogus hype.