What keeps casino goers coming back? Is it the bells, whistles, pulsating lights, food, drink, or the excitement and the thrill of the game? Isn’t it crazy how casinos have taken over the gaming world! The even crazier part is that online casinos are moving quickly and giving the land based casinos a run for their money! With all the comps and amenities that land based casinos can offer customers, it’s unbelievable that online casinos have made the strides that they have.

Online casinos cannot provide food and drink to entice their customers in, but they sure have done an excellent job with the bells and whistles, the wonderful graphics to make you feel like you are in a real live casino, and even more enticing is the casino bonuses!

There are many types of casino bonuses out there, but online bonuses seem to be a little different than the loyalty bonus offered by land based casinos. Let’s review some of them to help you understand how online casino bonuses work.

* Registration Bonus: Most online casinos offer all new customers a registration bonus. Slotland casino pays out dollar for dollar every deposit you make. Example: Deposit $10.00 and Slotland will deposit $10.00!

* Free Money Bonus: This online casino bonus is usually paid out to loyal existing players. Most online casinos will allocate a certain amount of money to be awarded for each dollar expansion that is deposited as a free money bonus. Some casinos like Slotland will pay out $100.00 for every $1000.00 deposit

* Refer a Friend Bonus: Casinos like to consider the more the merrier! What better way to attract more gamers’ than to offer online bonuses for referring a friend? How this works is, you tell your friends, they sign up, they get a bonus for registration, and you get a bonus for referring them! It is a win-win setting right there! Free money all around!

* No Deposit Bonus: This online bonus sounds too saintly to be true, but in all actuality, it is a real casino bonus! Many online casinos offer this gift just as a commitment cutesy or sometimes as a “come on back” bonus. If you have not played in awhile, they will give you free money to blow to see you back in the game!

* Special Promotion: Many times during the month, online casinos offer their existing player’s outstanding bonuses or promotions to keep them playing and coming back. Some of the promotions include dollar for dollar match bonus, free money bonus, or isolated drawings that could earn you cold hard cash to play on and win!

These are just a few of the many online casino bonuses offered. Most casinos make all their customers some form of incentives. Without these online bonuses, casinos would fade away to nothing and shut down almost as soon as they open. Everyone looks for a deal and everyone likes a free game especially if it involves the free money and a pocketful of cash!

By Cristina Morena
Cristina Morena has been gaming for about five years and is a regular player at Slotland. Since she is passionate about playing online slots, she’s written a number of articles related to online slots, online casinos and so on, which help those who are new to the game. In her experience, Slotland is renowned for its fairness, security and sincerity. For more information on the site visit: http://www.slotland.com