Casino blackjack is a very popular and widely played card games. Blackjack tournaments are very common and they are also played in the casinos these days. People also play this game as pastime activity with their friends and family members at any social gathering.

The game of blackjack was initiated in France some three hundred years ago in the year 1700. The original name of the game was 21. This is attributed to the fact that each player eyes to deal an ace that can either have the value of eleven along with a card that has the value of ten.

The blackjack has certain rules which need to be followed during the game. In a real casino you would need to learn the often-complex rules and etiquette of the casino, if you make a mistake online it doesn’t matter quiet as much, the computer will tell you or not allow you to make an illegal move. As each play begins, each player must place their own bets in the middle of the takes. Once the preliminary betting is over each player deals two cards with face up. Player who is acting as a dealer then deals to himself/herself one card face up which is known as the up card and the other one face down, known as the hole card. In Casino blackjack it is very much possible that if the dealer receives either a ten or an ace, he or she has a blackjack and in this case all the other players will loose their bets against the house. Once each player has received two cards, he/she can either ask for the “hit” that is asking for other card or “stay”. But, if the player receives two of the similar cards, he/she can ask for split which lets him/her carry one card into the next hand. But, if the dealer receives some threatening card, some casinos let the players surrender his or her cards and surrender half of his/her bets, which allows them to retain the other half.

A very typical kind of a blackjack game has several rounds of play which takes place in tables of 6 or s with players competing against each other in every round. The format is generally an elimination one, wherein only one or two of the players advance into the next round of the play. Most of the tournaments consist of 3 to 5 elimination rounds. However, a typical format does have two players from each of the tables of 6 advancing from the first round. One player from each of the six advancing tables of the second round reaches the next round and then the final table. The prize money is usually double the amount of the players’ fees which is generated during a play.

These days several websites are there which allows you to play free online blackjack tournaments. It’s also simple to find a site using internet search tools such as Google. A click of the mouse will take you through thousands of blackjack events all round the globe. All you have to do is just log in and start playing!!

By Andy Fullard
The author of this article lives in the UK. Gambling is legal in the UK and a great site to play on is supercasino blackjack which also has games of Roulette on live TV