This book became of John May (preface by Frank Scoblete) claims to brings real strategies that land based casinos (or casino online) don’t want anyone to know, and that many of the greatest blackjack players would rather keep secret.

Almost enough to say that endows the player to turn the game of blackjack in a real ATM machine. Of course, this is not the case. There are indeed techniques that have received little or no advertising, and that are useful for the average blackjack player.
However, winning the home remains a difficult and time consuming process – but not as obscure and incomprehensible with this book.
As a summary we can say that this is not a book for beginners in blackjack, and of limited use for the recreational player.

Recommended for a player with experience in Blackjack in a land based casino or casino online and want to take their game to a level where they can have an advantage over the casino.

This book is conceptually divided into two sections:

The first section begins with a brief summary of the rules of blackjack, followed by a recap of basic strategy. Then there is an introduction to card counting, including a brief description of Hi-Lo count.

It also has a system comparison chart card counting which shows that Knockout Arnold Snyder’s Red 7count is slightly superior to the Hi-Lo. However, it is not given any information about why (game, rules)…

The first section of the book is then concluded with a brief discussion about counting cards with multi-parameters in Blackjack, and some personal observations about the importance of player go unnoticed in a land based casino. Of course, in a Casino Online thing are a little different…

The Second section is really where is the “juice”: The methods like Steering Card, Card Sequencing, and Shadow Play are described in detail: how much to bet and how to bet when the first card is known – in fact the way to bet presented in this book caused much controversy, as does recommend to bet 40% of the budget when it is known the first card – something contrary to the money management of many card counters.

Other advanced techniques are also discussed including Hole Card Play, Glim Play, and Stacker Play. There is a description of a system of betting progression. Many of these techniques may be of little use to the casual player. Some require extensive practice, and require multiple players work together in order to be truly effective. Other situations require that the dealer has a sloppy performance.

The book concludes with a chapter on online casino – an interesting summary where the basics are really present.

By Milton Pino
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