Blackjack has earned its popularity because it calls for the right combination of skill and intellect. This super casino game originated in the Eighteenth Century and has been wining the hearts of gamblers ever since.

In earlier times the game live blackjack was known as Twenty One because of the importance of the number in the game. Blackjack involves players and a dealer. The players do not play against each other. Blackjack is thrilling game between the casino dealer and the players. Each player has to draw cards of varied values and get the resultant value to 21 or closer to 21. However, the value should not exceed 21.

A Blackjack player has to browse through the rules of game before trying his/her luck at it. Blackjack cheat sheets are available and can be memorized for better performance at the game however they should not be used in a casino. Merely knowing the rules and the cheat sheet will not help you win the game. You can download free versions Blackjack or opt for virtual tutorials of Blackjack to get a hang of the game.

Live blackjack is a game where you have to beat the dealer. The aim of the player has to score more than the dealer and not necessarily scoring 21. You have to be aware of the values of the cards to be able to control the score. The values of aces are 11 or 1 and the face cards have a value of 10.

Each player is given two cards to begin the game of Blackjack. The dealer hides one of his/her cards, which is revealed at the end of the game. Declaring a “hit” stands for asking for a card and “stand” means ending the turn and holding the total. If your score rolls over 21, the dealer wins the game. The dealer will hit till his/her total is on 17.

You can double the bet and get an extra card by “doubling”. When you have two same cards, a “split” is declared to separate the pair in two distinct hands. The gamblers can “double’ or “split” in the first move only. These can also be used in the first hand after a split. After a split, the player cannot use two aces. But the player can double or triple the bet after a split.
The player who deals with a 21 from the beginning of the game is said to have a Blackjack. If you win you can bag 1.5 the money of your bet.

By James McMonroe
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