In a world where time is money and money is power, the high stakes Casino and Poker players are used to a certain level of service and comps from their favorite Las Vegas Casino.
What has been missing has been a reliable and trustworthy way of transferring that reputation and a Players specific requirements online. The growth in available Gambling Online has provided the larger players with the ability to unwind with some casino play wherever they may be in the world.

Many successful people do in fact use their play and their visit’s to Las vegas or Macau to unwind during what are very strenuous professional lives.

There is however an answer, Calida Gaming have been involved in operating Gambling businesses for 4 generations of their family history including handling some of the biggest players in the world, if not the biggest player in the world.

The knowledge and trust that is present between a Casino Host and a Client is not something to be take lightly and the Board of Directors know this and take their responsibility towards their clients very seriously indeed.

The Calida Gaming Private VIP club enables the Client to concentrate on enjoying his play whilst leaving the details to his Calida Host. How much Comps are they getting, should it be more, should they be playing somewhere else or should the funding be re negotiated.

These are all questions that need not be a distraction for a Client during his professional day leaving them to simply unwind whilst playing secure in the knowledge that they are indeed getting the treatment that they most certainly deserve.

Calida gaming offer this service to players from all over the world, including the United States.

The VIP Club is operated on an “Invitation Only” basis with new members coming through referrals from existing members. It is sometimes possible for a new member to be included following an initial contact. This should be done by contacting one of the Calida VIP Host’s on

The only thing more valuable than their play to a Calida Gaming Client is their time, now they can have some of that back and let Calida Gaming make their play run seamlessly in the background.

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By Casino Tim
Casino Tim is the resident Casino expert at the Calida Gaming Group. With many, many years of experience you can be sure of always getting good solid advice