Often we can hear the question about if it is possible to make of the gambling our main stream of income and the answer can differ much depending of what you understand concerning bet. There are games that have a component of chance of the hundred percent, where the participation of the player cannot twist the wheel of the fortune and the numbers on a systematic way.

Of course there are some arguments in the sense that is possible to win the roulette by using a very complex calculation of probabilities, or by forming some kind societies between players, but this is something very difficult to prove. Playing bingo, roulette or slots with the hope to make of it a serious stream of income does not seem something with a strong foundation. However, if what you are looking for is some emotion and the chance to win great, then these games can very suitable for a beginner in the games, but also for an experienced person too. On the opposite there are casino games where the random component is very small, and we can discuss what happen with games such as poker, backgammon or the sport bets.

There is no doubt that the great stars of poker are not people very given to leave all the situations on the hands of the random. On the opposite they are people with a high mental concentration, and who perfectly know each facet the game, the styles, and have developed a great sense of intuition to know beforehand to where the table is going, just after a few minutes of gambling. Of course they make a lot of money, but they have a big experience and an exceptional talent. This not applies with the casual player of poker that has neither the knowledge nor the abilities to make of the game of poker a serious flow of income.

Backgammon is a very old game that combines ability and a small percentage of luck. Nevertheless the good players put in the table much of experience, knowledge, intuition, and a little fraction of chance to win a game. Backgammon already distributes money on Internet from several years now, and there are a lot of tournaments online where many experienced players can make money in a systematic way

The sport bets are a part of the gambling where it is possible to find people who have made of this specialty a way of life. Of course they are not that kind of fanatics losing their shirt and their fortune in a horse racing, only because they have a feeling. They are very concentrated people, and generally they are devoted to bet on a single sport that they know perfectly. They handle the possibilities with authority and if they have to win little, they never lose the balance between which they know and what it is a light opinion on the media or at the fans circles.

The common people like me, have a common work and if we have some extra cash we bet on some casino games. I do not recommend you to attempt the casino games as your profession, since in someway it is necessary to have been born in that atmosphere.

By Anton Alpivir
The author is the owner of an online casinos website and a researcher for the best online gambling sites