Two years after the government passed the “UIGEA” (Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act) much confusion still exists across the United States Of America. Many people are now very confused as to what is legal and what is not legal. With many online casinos, online poker and sports betting sites its very hard to know what we are allowed to do.


“Section 5363 bans and and Section 5366 criminalizes the acceptance of funds from bettors by operators of most online gambling Websites. The operators affected are those who:

“being engaged in the business of betting or wagering or to knowingly accept the proceeds from credit cards, electronic fund transfers and checks in connection with the participation of a bettor in unlawful Internet gambling, which is the sponsorship of online gambling that violates any other federal or state anti-gambling law.”


So the law is not saying that we cannot gamble or play online poker, but instead it is designed to block any financial transactions to pay for gambling. So if you try to use a debit card or credit card the online operators and not allowed to accept the payment. They are also not allowed to accept wire transfers, checks and any other financial instruments.Therefore most online casinos are not available to players in the USA.


To really make the law stick the government decided to target the Internet Service Providers and to bar them from hosting any gambling sites in the USA. Of course all the sites were then moved out of America and are now hosted around the world. The government also tried to warn overseas banks that have branches in the USA that they should not accept funds for customers in the USA. Although the banks have taken notice of this none have decided to implement a policy.


To really dig deeper and make this law one to be scared of the government decided that companies and owners of companies that allow American players to participate in online gaming even from abroad can be charged with a “crime against America”. These companies and people are subject to arrest, confiscation of assets and even jail terms. Is this really happening in the 21st century!!


With this new law most online casinos are now just not available to the American market. But the big gaming companies have successfully argued and proved that Online Poker is a game of skill and not a game of chance. So if you still want to enjoy an online game then join one of the many online poker rooms and don’t let “big brother” keep spoiling our fun.

By Jenny Jitea
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