Poker enthusiasts seem to be growing by the day and with the plethora of poker sites available, the numbers are growing excessively. This can be noticed by the ridiculously large poker traffic targeting these online poker rooms during peak hours.

However, there are players who want to play poker, but are apprehensive of investing their money in the games. This is not a very great disappointment though, as they can play poker without paying anything from their pocket. They can enjoy all the facilities that a poker player with a real money account enjoys.

There are a number of poker sites that offer you free poker money to play games at their poker sites. This helps the poker sites attract players while the players can test the online poker room, to see and experience what these poker sites have to offer. If the poker site is good, the player is certain to return to the site.

Players can open an account, but they need not make a deposit, instead they may use the free money to play games at the poker sites. This free money is available in the form of no deposit bonuses, which are similar to bonuses provided when you make your first deposit.

However, you need to play raked hands to clear this bonus amount. Once you have cleared the free no deposit bonus, you are instantly entitled to the regular bonuses that are offered to players with real money accounts.

You can enjoy all the privileges and participate in the loyalty program and other promotions that the poker sites might have on offer. You can now easily build a bankroll by playing cash games and tournaments and become one of the regular members at these poker sites. The more raked hands you play, the more cash you can add to your bankroll.

So instead of investing your own money at the poker sites, you can look for online poker rooms that will offer you free money to play at their poker rooms. It is not difficult to locate these poker sites, as some of the major online poker rooms offer this facility.

If you have a low budget and have been debating for sometime whether you should splurge that money at a poker table, you need not think any further because you can easily play at poker sites without making any investment of your own. So, get online and indulge in your favorite poker games and do not bother about money anymore.

By Alex
Author is an well known poker articles writer.